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The Omegamatic is a gigantic doomsday device built by the Shikadi and sold by Vitacorp. The Shikadi attempt to use it destroy the Milky Way Galaxy at the will of their Gannalech, Mortimer McMire. Despite their best attempts, the Omegamatic was destroyed by Commander Keen and, when they tried to escape, they were fined for illegally double-parking their getaway vehicle.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 3-C

Name: The Omegamatic, The Armageddon Machine

Origin: Commander Keen

Type: Doomsday Device, Superweapon

Powered by: Quantum Explosion Dynamo

Used by: The Shikadi, Vitacorp

Prerequisites for use: A crew.

Terrain: Space

Attack Potency: Galaxy level (Built with the intent of destroying the galaxy, and succeeds in the event of a game over. Advertised as causing a "100,000 light year-diameter quantum explosion" by Vitacorp)

Speed: Unknown (The explosion does engulf the galaxy within seconds, however)

Durability: Unknown (Is a bomb that gets destroyed by its own explosion)

Range: Galactic

Weaknesses: Destroyed by its own explosion. Can be destroyed before detonation if successfully infiltrated.