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"One boy, ten girls, wouldn't trade it for the world"


The Loud House is a cartoon created by Chris Savino and is airing on Nickelodeon. The show has been praised for its energetic and chaotic sense of humor, soundtrack and cartoonish, but reliable sibling relationships.

Power of the verse

Not too strong, but not too weak either. The Loud Siblings have demonstrated casual Wall busting and Subsonic feats, and could tank large explosions with relative ease. Like many cartoons, The Loud House relies mostly on Toon Force and to a lesser extent, Broadway Force for most of its feats.







Character Profiles

Lori Loud

Leni Loud

Luna Loud

Luan Loud

Lynn Loud

Lincoln Loud

Lucy Loud

Lola Loud

Lana Loud

Lisa Loud

Lily Loud

Clyde McBride

Bobby Santiago

Ronnie Anne Santiago

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