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Hunters have wide knowledge and a higher exercise capacity compared to a normal person, so this is a field of work not to many people can take part in. Hunters are estimated to be 175cm tall. Most people become hunters so they can gain wealth, fame, a better living, or other reasons. Some even become hunters to sneak out of crimes they've done. From some hunters being criminals, or ex-criminals, some places disagree with the ways of the Hunter's Guild. Though the Hunter's Guild is nearly all over the world, it is actually illegal in some places that disagree with their ways. This is partially due to not blaming others being a main part of the organization. Wyverians started the hunting career over hundreds of years ago. Though hunting was their primary job, it slowly changed overtime to other objectives, such as delivering items and escorting travelers. This eventually led to the Hunter's Guild appearing to fill in many of those requests with hunters. There three different ranks for hunters: Low-rank, High-rank, and G-rank.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C | 7-B | Low 6-B to 5-B

Name: Players choice

Origin: Monster Hunter

Gender: Players choice

Age: About 20s - 30s

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsWeapon Mastery, Lightning Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Dragon Element (Depending on the weapon), Sound proof (Ear plugs), Ice, Fire, Water, Dragon resist and more. Armor Skill List

Attack Potency: Building level (Can take on Agnaktor, Barroth, Deviljho, Diablos and Rathian) | City level (Defeated Dalamadur) | Small Country level to Planet level (Can hold off Fatalis)

Speed: Superhuman movement speed (Runs about 30+ mph) with Massively Hypersonic+ reactions (Can hit Kirin who is one with lightning)

Lifting Strength: Class 10 can lift Aptonoth without much trouble.

Striking Strength: Building Class | City Class | Small Country Class to Planet Class

Durability: Building level (Can take hits from Agnaktor, Barroth, Deviljho, Diablos and Rathian) | City level (Can take hits from Dalamadur) | Small Country level to Planet level (Can take hits from Fatalis)

Stamina: Superhuman. Endless with Dash Juice.

Range: Extended melee range with Swordmaster weapons to several meters with Gunner weapons.

Standard Equipment: A full list of his weapons can be found here and items can be found here.

Intelligence: High; very skilled at hunting many types of monsters and knowledge of crafting a wide assortment of tools and items.

Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Dragon, Water, or Electricity (Depending on the Armor)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Jumping: If the enemy is large enough, the hunter can jump on it's back and attack it.

Key: Low Rank | High Rank | G Rank


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