Hist Tree

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: The Hist

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Classification: Sentient trees that inhabit Black Marsh, implied to be survivors from a previous kalpa

Powers & Abilities: Time Manipulation, Intangibility (the Hist exist everywhere in nature but manifest mainly as Hist trees in Argonia), Soul Manipulation, Telepathy, Reality Warping, Magic, Dimensional manipulation, Information Manipulation, Precognition, Can empower Argonians

Attack Potency: Unknown (The Hist massively empowered the Argonians to counter attack the forces of Mehrunes Dagon, and the Daedra were forced to shut the gates to Black Marsh to prevent a counter invasion)

Durability: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Argonians

Weaknesses: Despite being a hive mind, some Hist can go rogue

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Empower Argonians - The Hist have a symbiotic relationship with Argonians, and can empower Argonians with great strength that they usually wouldn't possess. This ranges from being able to survive in different climates to fighting off the forces of Oblivion and winning.

Time Awareness - The Hist view time as linear, and everything being just one moment. The Hist can "foresee" and avoid future calamities this way, such as the Oblivion Crisis.

Math Attacks - The Hist can use math as a weapon against their enemies, such as the Jils. Being hit by one of these math blasts causes a bystander to be thrown back in time thousands of years.

Soul Manipulation - The Hist recycle Argonian souls, even into non-Argonian form. A rogue Hist raised an army of the dead and absorbed the souls of the fallen to be used by Umbra.