Designed to be a successor to the Star Destroyers of the Galactic Empire, The Finalizer is Kylo Ren's personal battlecruiser that is seen in Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

It is used to transport Kylo Ren's, Captain Phasma's and General Hux's unified division of the First Order to and from locations via hyperspace. It hosts a plethora of features, such as training areas, barracks, ship hangars, maintenance shafts and halls, and recreational rooms. Its bridge was built internally unlike other ships from the old Empire, to increase defense and improve command due to being much closer to the rest of the cruiser.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C with point defence missiles. 7-B with point defence lasers. At least High 7-A with turbolasers. High 6-C with heavy turbolasers. At least High 7-A by ramming. High 6-A with continuous bombardment

Name: Finalizer

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Starship | Carrier | Destroyer | Resurgent-class Battlecruiser

Users: First Order Navy

Length: 2,916 metres

Material: Mostly neutronium impregnated durasteel plating on the hull and likely quadanium steel plating on the weapon emplacements

Powered by: III-a1a primary hypermatter-annihilation reactor

Needed prerequisite for use: Trained crew of 55,000+ (This statistic excludes the additional complement of 19,000+ additional naval personnel and 8,000+ First Order Stormtrooper Corps soldiers)

Terrain: Space

Attack Potency: At least Town level+ with point defence missiles (Designed to destroy enemy starfighters and bombers, which have at least this level of durability with their deflector shields). City level with point defence laser cannons (Vastly more powerful than the models used on the Imperial I-class and Executor-class, whose yields exceeded 6 Megatons per shot). At least Small Island level with turbolasers (More powerful than the models used on the Imperial I-class and Executor-class, which can punch through the unshielded hulls of capital ships with at the very least this level of durability). Large Island level with heavy turbolasers (Far greater yields per shot than the models used on its predecessors, which exceeded 200 Gigatons per shot). At least Small Island level by ramming (Can cripple and even bisect unshielded capital ships with at least this level of durability by ramming them). Multi-Continent level with continuous bombardment (Can life-wipe planets and reduce planetary surfaces to molten slag)

Speed: Unknown atmospheric speeds. Can accelerate continuously to Sub-Relativistic speeds in space. Massively FTL+ travel via hyperspace (Capable of covering several tens of thousands of light-years in a matter of hours)

Durability: At least Small Island level without deflector shields (Far larger and far more durable than the Imperial I-class, which itself is larger and more durable than its predecessor). Possibly Country level with deflector shields (Far superior to the likes of the old Imperial I-class and Venator-class, which can take sustained fire from heavy turbolasers for a while before failing)

Range: Dozens to hundreds of kilometres with various armaments



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