The Elder Scrolls is a popular RPG video game series. Starting in 1994, it has 5 main games and several spinoffs. The main titles in the series are Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Spin-offs to the main series include Online, Redguard, Battlespire and Travels. Set on the Continent of Tamriel, each game is set in a different region/country and deals with a different threat, starting of course with the hero being a prisoner.

The previous head writer of The Elder Scrolls, Michael Kirkbride, left Bethesda after Oblivion, but still writes lore articles for the Imperial Library and Bethesda forums. He also wrote an open-source graphic novel called the C0DA, set in the world of The Elder Scrolls and focusing on the coming of the new Amaranth. Bethesda has stated that the canonicity of his outside works "depends." Many of his out-of-game works appeared in Online, making them canon.

Power of the Verse

The Elder Scrolls is a formidable and very powerful verse. The main hero of each game is capable of fighting mountain-busting and even continental threats, as well as magic that allow for hax. The verse has many powerful gods who are multiversal reality warpers as well as a few primordial beings and a supreme being.

It's arguable that all of the main heroes of the Elder Scrolls are capable of reaching a state known as CHIM, realizing that all of reality and their very existence is a mere dream, but still maintaining a sense of self-identity, granting them vast control of it and existing above the et'Ada, but still below the Amaranths.


At the top of the hierarchy is the Godhead, who creates an infinite number of Amaranths, both next to each other and before and after each other. There are three known Amaranths - Satakal, Anu & Padomay. Each Amaranth is a godlike being - creating. surrounding and encompassing an entire existence. One such creation of an Amaranth is the Aurbis.

The forces below Anu & Padomay are their souls, Anui-El & Sithis. The beings below the former are called the et'Ada (Aedra, Daedra & Magne-Ge).

The Aurbis consists of three parts - Mundus, Oblivion and Aetherius. The Aedra reside in Mundus, the Daedra reside in Oblivion, and the Magne-Ge in Aetherius. Mortals reside on the planet called Nirn.

It's well established that everything in the setting except Nirn is infinite. The gods are infinite in size and mass. Mundus, Oblivion & Aetherius being a higher infinite than said gods with Oblivion having infinite realms of infinite size that manifest all possibility.

Please read the official cosmology and Loremaster Q & A's for more detail.

Supporters and Opponents





Dragonborn profileChampion of Cyrodill profileThe Nerevarine profile


Martin Septim profileAltmer profile


Mannimarco profileVivec profileAlmalexia profileSotha Sil profileDagoth Ur profile   

Paarthunax profileLord Harkon profileMankar Camoran profileMiraak profileVahlok profile   

Creatures, Enemies & Monsters

Ruddy Man profileAld'ruhn profileCenturion profileFlame Atronarch profile

Spiritual Entities

Numidium profilePelinal profileUmaril profileUmbra profileAlduin profile   Barbas profile

  • Reymon Ebonarm
  • The Ideal Masters
  • The Celestials

The Divines

Akatosh profileTalos profileArkay profileStendar profileKynareth profile   

  • Zenithar
  • Julianos
  • Dibella
  • Mara

Daedric Princes

Sheogorath profileHermaeus Mora profileBoethiah profileMalacath profileAzura profile    

Meridia profileClavicus Vile profileMolag Bal profileMehrunes Dagon profileHircine profile    

Nocturnal profileMephala profileNarira profilePeryite profileSanguine profile    Vaermina profile

Other Gods

Allmaker profileSatakal profileAnu profilePadomay profileAnui-El profile   

Sithis profileLorkhan profileMagnus profileY'ffre profileBaan Dar profile    

  • Ruptga
  • Leki
  • HoonDing
  • Fa-Nuit-Hen
  • The Mnemoli
  • Tosh-Raka


Wabbajack profile Vaerminas Orb profile Amulet of Kings profile

  • Elder Scrolls
  • Azura's Star
  • Light Of Meridia
  • Mehrunes' Razor
  • Mace of Molag Bal
  • The Eye of Magnus

Races & Factions

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