The Combine, abbreviated as CMB and referred to as "Our Benefactors" in propaganda, is the title of an immense and powerful inter-dimensional organisation, composed of a massive variety or both allied and enslaved species. It is the Primary Antagonistic Force in the game Half Life 2. The goal of the Combine is to build a massive inter-dimensional empire known as the Universal Union and dominate the Half-Life Multiverse.

The Combine Empire sprawls across countless parallel universes and is composed of an unknown, but likely massive, amount of sentient species. The leaders of The Combine Empire still remains anonymous but it is clear that the an alien species called The Advisors are the ones responsible for maintaining control over the Earth. The Combine military is filled with a massive amount of bio engineered alien species, known as Synths. This essentially lead to the creation of an army Super-Soldiers, a highly mobile and effective military force to be reckon with, able to adapt in almost every environment throughout the Multiverse.

The Combine has also access to extremely advanced teleportation technologies. They are able to expand their empire throughout the the Multiverse by teleporting their forces to any desired Universe they want to gain control of. At some point, the Combine discovered a series of portal storms on the human home world Earth, and in response to this, they came to the Earth, destroyed the entire Earth military force in mere hours and conquered the Universe the Earth was in. However, Gordon Freeman, along with the Resistance, were able to push back the Combine, destroyed their main Base of operations on Earth, The Citadel, and successfully driven the Combine off the Earth and the remaining Combine forces on Earth are force to retreat and are trying to call for reinforcements.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At the very least, 9-A (Combine Soldiers are armed with deadly Pulse rifles with a dark energy launcher attack to it. Likely Unknown (Various official sources states the Combine controls countless number of Universes and are indeed trying to Dominate the Multiverse)

Name: The Combine Empire, CMB, Our Benefactors

Origin: Half-Life

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Holdings: Countless number of Universes, Earth, The Combine Overworld

Classification: Unknown

Powers and Abilities: FTL travel, energy weapons, Teleportation, Inter-dimensional portals

Attack Potency: Room level (For Synths Forces). Likely higher (The Combine is composed of countless number of Alien species, from different Universes, so it is likely they possessed more powerful alien species as they are trying to dominate the Multiverse)

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Multi-Universal

Standard Equipment: Weapons powered by Dark Energy, Inter-dimensional Teleporters

Intelligence: Extremely High (Created portals that allows them to travel to other Universes, uses Dark Energy, an undetectable force, as a fuel source for their Technologies

Weaknesses: Despite their technological advancements, their are unable to teleport from one point to another point in the same Universe, where else they are capable of traveling outside reality to other Universes.


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