The Button is a red button part of a big machine. Pressing it will cause various others button to pop out, allowing multiple commands to be taken, most of them being extremely dangerous.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, potentially 6-A to Low 5-B or higher

Name: The Button

Origin: Please, Do Not Touch Anything

Age: Unknown

Classification: Control Board, Coffee Machine

Wielders: Two unnamed worker

Powers and Abilities: Explosion Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Reality Warping, Black Hole creation, Plant Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least City level (Can destroy a rather large city easily with at least a dozen different ways), potentially Continent level (Flooded the world) to Small Planet level (Tore the planet in half) or higher (Inverted the whole world, but the range of this is unknown)

Speed: Varies (The effect of its use are sometimes instant, the speed of a nuclear blast. A rocket it sends out is MFTL+)

Durability: Unknown (It is unclear if the room with The Button in it is in the city or outside)

Range: Planetary; several light years for the rocket. Potentially much higher.

Weaknesses: Takes "an education" to properly use and is extremely complex. Smashing the Red Button will reveal the "Bloody Baby", which seems to be the core of the machine.


  • Can easily nuke/eat/rips in half a city
  • Flooded the whole world
  • Ripped the planet in half

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Reset: The reset button can undo everything done by the Button, effectively acting as a time reset.
  • Time Travel: Has been shown able to go several years in the past and future.
  • Flood: The button proceeds to flood the world
  • Earthquake: Shakes the world so hard, the planet is ripped in half
  • Inverse: Reverse the whole city and inverse all of the world's colors
  • Happy Buildings: Change the whole world to be friendly
  • Panda: Create huge plants
  • Black Hole: Creates a huge black hole that erases a part of the city
  • Mushrooms: Nuke the city