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Summary of the Plot

A new HR teacher, Chun-woo is a nothing ordinary with his wily ambitions and neglect of a bullied boy, Shin-woo. However, after unexpectedly witnessing his great power, Shin-woo begs him to learn it. They could start their lesson only after Shin-woo throws his body into deep river to prove his will. However, Shin-woo did not know his master is stronger than he can imagine. He was a killer with mastery of nine martial arts who was hiding himself after a big mission!

Power of the Verse

It is basically the same as real life with the difference that Ki exists. This allows martial artists (but in secret, pretty much like a "underground world") to do superhuman feats like breaking walls, jump higher than humanly possible, have superhuman accuracy, precision, strength, senses and better healing capabilities.

High-End feats include: attacking several people in the flash (and moving short distances of a few meters in the blink of an eye), cutting a car into 2 pieces with a katana or dodge a already shot bullet a few centimeters away from ones face. The story is not finished and on hiatus, its premise showed a feat which borders usual supernatural feats common in higher level verses, it was to ability to kill a person via touching (the victim burned to death).

Like in real martial arts there are also "schools" which train all different styles. One is a style that allows the user to strengthen their body until it reaches the hardness of steal, or styles which train in different weapons like whips, swords, etc.

The main charater and his master are also able to enter a berserk mode which increases their overall power to one where they constantly move at sub-sonic+ speed and destroy solid concrete with each move as afereffect of their techniques.

One main weakness of this verses Chars is that if they are hurt at important joints (like being pierced through the shoulder) it will decrease their capability to circulate Ki by a large margin.

Supporters and Opponents



Celestial Pegasus





Shi-Woon Yi

Chun-Woo Han

Jin-le Kwon

Shi-Ho Lee

Sera Kang

So-Chun Hyuk

Jang So-Sul


Jae-Kyu Kwon


Ji-Woo Li

Ji-Gun Yoo

Ha-lll Gang

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