Where is God, if he's alive? And why doesn't he speak anymore? At the beginning of the world, God walked in the Garden and spoke with Adam and Eve. Then he began to withdraw, and he forbade Moses to look at his face. Later, in the time of Daniel, he was aged--he was the Ancient of Days. Where is he now? Is he still alive, at some inconceivable age, decrepit and demented, unable to think or act or speak and unable to die, a rotten husk?


The Authority was the first angel to condense out of Dust. He falsely declared to the angels who were born after him that he was God, and was worshiped as such. His domain would then spread across many worlds throughout the multiverse, and in each of them he was believed to be the creator of the Universe. As time passed The Authority eventually began to age and weaken, and so he ceased to make direct contact with the other angels and his mortal subjects, instead selecting the human Enoch and transforming him into the Archangel Metatron, to act as his Regent.

However, as he aged still, The Ancient of Days was betrayed by Metatron, who stole all his remaining power and imprisoned him in a crystal sphere where he could never truly die. For thousands of years he remained trapped, aging but never truly dying. He would eventually be granted death when William Parry cut his crystal prison open with the Subtle Blade Æsahættr.

Power and Stats

Tier: 7-A | 10-C

Name: The Authority, God, Yahweh, The Ancient of Days

Origin: His Dark Materials

Gender: Male

Age: Millions of years Old

Classification: The First Angel, False God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Shapeshifting, Matter Manipulation (A lesser angel could alter the particles in the air on an atomic level), Soul Manipulation (Far lesser angels pull souls from the worlds of the multiverse and cast them to the Afterlife, or transform them into angels. Established the mechanisms of life and death, making it so that the souls of all conscious beings in the infinite multiverse went to the Land of the Dead when their bodies perished.), Telekinesis (Leaves a large mountain floating through telekinesis), Teleportation / Portal Creation (Can traverse across Heaven and the multiverse), Telepathy (Can communicate with humans on Earth while on Heaven. Can also read minds and memories and tell truth from lies, as he gave this power to the Harpies), Energy Manipulation, Air Manipulation / Earth Manipulation, Weather Manipulation (Created a powerful storm that has lasted for thousands of years), Spatial Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (His Clouded Mountain twists through seven or eight dimensions), Mind Manipulation (Can influence the minds of angels and mortals, convincing them that he is God), Illusion Creation (Performed "Miracles" that proved his divinity), Flight / Levitation, Absorption / Immortality (Type 6) (Gave the Harpies the ability to retain their youth by feeding on truth & memories) | None

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Created the Clouded Mountain, a large floating mountain surrounded by thick storm clouds that are miles high and span the entire horizon) | Below Average Human level (Is in a state of near-death, where he is incapable of moving or exerting strength)

Speed: Unknown | Below Average Human level (Incapable of movement)

Lifting Strength: Class T with Telekinesis (Can lift a large mountain and leave it floating) | Below Average (Cannot support his own weight)

Striking Strength: Unknown | Below Average Class

Durability: Mountain level | Unknown for his crystal prison (Supposedly no being in the multiverse could break it, and Will required the Æsahættr, a blade that can slice through the fabric of reality itself, to shatter it), Below Average Human level for Himself (Kept in a state of near-death for millennia. Though his body survived being gently held and lifted by Lyra and Will, the wind started to damage him and after less than a minute he faded away into the Dust from which he came)

Stamina: Superhuman | None

Range: Kilometers with most abilities, Multiversal+ for Soul Manipulation, Telepathy, Mind Manipulation, Teleportation / Portal Creation & Illusions

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Incredibly high (Was a cunning and manipulative being with millennia of experience, who convinced not only all of Heaven, but most of the multiverse that he was a supreme, Omnipotent deity) | Senile & Dying, incapable of coherent thought

Weaknesses: None | Will die as soon as he is removed from his crystal prison

Key: Prime | Current


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