The Amazing World Gumball is a TV series made by Cartoon Network. It's about a blue cat named Gumball Watterson as he is accompanied by a two-legged fish named Darwin to live off everyday live in Elmore.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series





God-King Superman 777


Sir Ovens

Der Purple Ist Dank




Power of the verse

Despite its "realistic" setting, the verse is stronger than people might think it is. Some characters like Hector are able to destroy towns and Richard Watterson -- the stereotypical idiot father -- can destroy the universe if he gets a job.

A "plot device" plays a big role in this verse as it causes Reality Warping to shape the world in a way that the characters may act differently even from knowing "past" events, and can even change the setting to make things seem out of place.

Character Profiles

-Gumball Watterson

-Nicole Watterson

-Richard Watterson

-Anais Watterson

-Darwin Watterson

-Tina Rex

-Hector Jötunheim




-Evil Turtle

-Yuki Yoshida

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