Most of the iconic "actors", give or take.


The Tezuka-Verse, or the "Star System" is the recurring cast that typically makes up most of Tezuka's stories, often jokingly calling it to a movie studio with each character being an actor. While the series contains many different works, the most famous series are Astro Boy, Metropolis, The Phoenix and arguably Kimba the White Lion.

Power of the verse

Very powerful, though it varies from series to series greatly. Astro Boy typically varies from Multi-City Block to Small Planet with speeds varying from Hypersonic to FTL+ and beyond. The strongest character the verse is "The Cosmos", a being so big that entire universes are particles in the cells that make up his body.

Characters of the verse

Astro Boy

Astro Boy/Mighty Atom

Uran/Zoran/Astro Girl




Kimba the White Lion


Kenichi Shikishima

Supporters and Opponents of the verse


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