The Tezuka-Verse, or the "Star System" is the recurring cast that typically makes up most of Tezuka's stories, often jokingly calling it to a movie studio with each character being an actor. While the series contains many different works, the most famous series are Astro Boy, Metropolis, The Phoenix and arguably Kimba the White Lion.

Power of the Verse

Extremely powerful, but varies drastically. Certain series are relatively earthbound with some impressive technology while other series have consistent Tier 5 or even Tier 4 feats. The speed of the verse is fairly consistent however, with constant feats exceeding the speed of light or nearing it. The most powerful entity in the verse is The Phoenix, an entity who embodies the infinite timelines that makes up the entire Cosmos.

Supporters / Opponents




Characters of the verse

Astro Boy

AstroH AtlasH PlutoH EpsilonH

Uran/Zoran/Astro Girl

Kimba the White Lion


Kenichi Shikishima

The Three-Eyed One

Sharaku jinro

The Devil Garon


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