Users of the Teyotoro language can manipulate the earth around them, creating independent earth dolls as servants or warriors that are much tougher than a normal human. The most notable of these dolls is Toshu, a superior doll created by the old tribe leader as a little brother and companion for his granddaughter Sorte.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | 9-A | At least 8-C melee, at least 8-B with energy beam

Name: Teyotoro Doll | Toshu | Toshu, Teyotoro Giant

Origin: Gun x Clover

Gender: None | Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Earth Doll

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, skilled hand-to-hand fighter, Earth Manipulation, Immortality (Type 2), can become a large giant | Energy Manipulation

Attack Potency: Wall level (Superior to any normal human, can threaten S-rank fighters in large groups) | Small Building level (Can trade blows with Morito Hayama and Mammon Malphas) | At least Building level melee due to sheer size (Larger than Teyotoro's stone temple), at least City Block level with energy beam (Leveled a large section of a forest, compared by Morito to a weapon of mass destruction)

Speed: Superhuman | Likely Subsonic with Supersonic reactions (Comparable to Master-rank fighters) | Likely Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Small Building Class | At least Building Class

Durability: Wall level (Superior to normal humans, but still easily destroyed by Master-rank fighters) | Small Building level (Can trade blows with Master-rank mercenaries) | At least Building level (Tank shells and RPGs barely bothered him and caused no visible damage, larger than Teyotoro's stone temple)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range | Extended melee range | Melee range, at least hundreds of meters with energy beam

Standard Equipment: None | Spear | None

Intelligence: Unknown, intelligent enough to follow their creator's orders | Average | Mindless

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Teyotoro Language: As a user of the Teyotoro language, Toshu can freely mold the earth around himself to create large earth limbs or a small army of earth dolls.
Teyotoro Giant

Morito's group, surrounded by earth dolls, watch as Toshu becomes a giant

  • Giant Form: Upon the death of Sorte's grandfather and Sorte's cry for help, Toshu started to go on a rampage, transforming into a large earth giant that towered over the jungle and taller than his tribe's temple.
    • Energy Beam: While in this form Toshu can shoot a powerful beam of energy from his mouth. This attack was compared by Morito Hayama to a weapon of mass destruction and destroyed a large section of the jungle Toshu was fighting in.

Key: Teyotoro Doll | Toshu | Giant Toshu


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