Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Can you survive?


Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 1974 American slasher film set and filmed in Texas (gasp). It follows the story of a group of teenagers who inadvertently stumble across a cannibalistic family hidden in the woods. This trend carries on through most of the movies, with both a rising body count and a rising budget.

The original film was banned in several countries and hundreds of theaters around the world. For the time, it was a shockingly gory film with incredibly offensive content, though by modern standards it seems almost tame.

It is still praised as one of the best horror films in history, forming several important genre tropes, such as having a massive, hulking main character, the use of power tools as weapons, and of course the gore. The sequels... more of a mixed bag, at best.

Recently the remake series has revamped the series, adding little in terms of feats but focusing a lot more on the family of cannibals, rather than asinine teenage scum.

The Power of the Verse

Somewhat low tier even by horror movie standards, Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a handful of peak humans and Leatherface, who, like Jason, is the main event. Superhuman and powerful, Leatherface is restricted only by his retardation and reliance on family, which limits his usefulness if left alone.

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