Tetsuo Shima is the psychic antagonist of the Akira Manga. He was apart of Kaneda's biker gang until he gained his powers. He takes control of large parts Neo Tokyo forming the Great Akira Empire, but he eventually loses control of his power. He is driven by his inferiority complex and his jealousy of Kaneda.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, 9-C with weapons | High 6-A | Low 2-C

Name: Tetsuo Shima

Origin: Akira (Manga)

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Classification: Human, Esper

Powers and Abilities: Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Absorption, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Forcefield Creation, Technological Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, [[Electricity Manipulation], Regeneration (Mid-Low, High-Low with transformation), Weather Manipulation, Transformation.

Attack Potency: Athlete level, Street level with melee weapons | Multi-Continent level (Blew a large hole in the moon) | Universe level+ (Triggered a big bang in an alternate universe after gaining control over his powers)

Speed: Peak Human | Relativistic+ (Was able to react to casually react to real lasers, and reached the moon so fast that his followers blinked and he was there) | Omnipresent (Became one with the universe)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Likely Class M with telekinesis | Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Athlete Class | Multi-Continent Class | Universal+

Durability: Street level | Multi-Continent level with shields | Universe level+

Stamina: High

Range: Hundreds of Miles, Universal+ in the very end.

Standard Equipment: His artificial arm after his original right arm was destroyed by a SOL laser.

Intelligence: Average.

Weaknesses: As a human, he was short tempered at times and he lacks control of his powers which leads to him mutating. In his mutated form, he is far more vulnerable to lasers than normal.

Key: Base | Psychic | End of Manga


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