Terraria is an indie video game developed by Re-Logic. It follows a similar sandbox gameplay to Minecraft, but is more focused on the adventure concept rather than the building side of things. The unnamed main character lands on an land called Terraria, whose soil and nature has been corrupted. It is now his job to cleanses the land by slaying every Eldritch Horror waiting for a poor soul to fight them, and eventually defeats the Moon Lord.

Power of the verse

The verse is decently powerful for most part, starting at wall level but quickly reaching up to island level, with most of the God tier being casually Dwarf Star Level. Although it doesn't have much hax, it makes up for it with a quite high level of danmaku.


God Tier


Moon Lord

Celestial Towers

Lunatic Cultists

Duke Fishron


High Tier



Skeletron Prime

The Destroyer

The Twins

Mid Tier

Wall of Flesh

Low Tier


Queen Bee

Brain of Cthulhu

Eater of Worlds

Eye of Cthulhu

King Slime

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