Tenchi Masaki


Tenchi Masaki (柾木 天地, Masaki Tenchi) is the main protagonist of the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries. Tenchi is a normal boy until a number of alien girls arrive at his house. Some or all of the girls, depending on the continuity, fall in love with him, with him accepting none of their advances as a gentleman and because he cares much more about the family unit than he does about romantic conquests.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | At least 3-B

Name: Tenchi Masaki

Origin: Tenchi Muyo!

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Classification: Human-Juraian hybrid, Manifestation of the Supreme Being

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invulnerabily, Regeneration, True Flight, Expert Swordsmanship, Martial Artist, Teleportation, Can generate Light Hawk Wings, Durability Negation

Attack Potency: Unknown | At least Multi-Galaxy level (Far more powerful than Fuku. Possesses 6 Light Hawk Wings)

Speed: Unknown | Unknown. Likely Massively FTL+ flight speed (Via scaling from Z, who can fly extremely quickly over interstellar distances)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown | At least Multi-Galactic (Able to easily overpower and/or destroy a large black hole)

Durability: Unknown | At least Multi-Galaxy level

Stamina: High | Limitless

Range: Human melee range, extended range with his sword | Unknown

Standard Equipment: The sword Tenchi-ken, and Light Hawk Wing Swords

Intelligence: High | High

Weaknesses: None notable | Tenchi previously had difficulty controlling his power

Key: Base Form | With the Light Hawk Wings

Note 1: Light Hawk Wings are manifestations of aspects of the auras of the beyond dimensional Choushin goddesses, or in Tenchi's special case, his own higher self, but the users are still just limited 3-Dimensional beings. This makes accurately determining the tiers of individual users near impossible.

Note 2: For the version of this character who is the series' supreme being and created The Choushin, see Kami Tenchi.



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