It may look goofy, but this thing will storm your country

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A, 5-A by opening a gigantic portal

Name: Technodrome

Origin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Age: Unknown

Classification: Giant multitasking war machine and operational base

Wielders: Last time used by Shredder and Kraang, but currently eliminated

Material: Titanium

Terrain: Air, ground and underwater

Needed Prerequisite for Use: None

Operational Timeframe: Several hours

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Made a small mountain collapse, Destroyed several other mountains by accident with its missiles), Large Planet level (Created a gigantic portal several times bigger than the planet Earth and it was sucking everything like a black hole)

Speed: Superhuman

Durability: Mountain level (Survived crashing against a mountain with no damage at all)

Range: Unknown

Weaknesses: Can easily be tampered from the inside

Weaponry: Missiles, lasers, an earthquake machine, can spawn Mausers, a pair of legs, a trans-dimensional portal, cloning device, disintegrator beam, drills, giant saw blades, Anti-gravitation generators that allows it to fly

Range: Several miles using its missiles and lasers

Note: Here are the episodes below when the Technodrome shows all that.