The main protagonist. He enrolls at First High School in April 2095 and is placed in the Course 2 curriculum. Despite performing badly in the practical exam, he has several unique traits that immediately catch the attention of the Student Council and Public Morals Committee, in particular, his unique ability to read activation sequences in real time. He is nominated to the Public Morals Committee by the Student Council, becoming the first Course 2 student ever to do so. He later becomes the first Course 2 student to join the Student Council and one of the first students in the new Magic Engineering Course. Tatsuya excels at magic engineering and is in fact, one of the two people behind the persona known as the genius inventor Taurus Silver (Tatsuya is the theoretical and software wizard and the head of FLT 3rd division R&D takes care of the hardware side). He claims his goal for enrolling in the school is to solve the great mysteries of magic engineering. He is the eldest son of the Yotsuba family (Although the family treats him as a disposable tool), and serves as Miyuki's "guardian." Outside of school, under the alias "Ryuuya Oguro", he has served as a strategic-class magician with the rank of Special Lieutenant attached to the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion.

Tatsuya was born unable to use conventional magic but, when he was very young, his mother used her unique magic to perform mental surgery on him which gave him the ability to use conventional magic at a very basic level. A side effect of the surgery was the loss of his ability to feel any emotions strongly (With the exception of his love for Miyuki) and the unnatural ability to read activation sequences.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, likely higher

Name: Shiba Tatsuya, Mr. Silver, Ooguro Ryuuya, Obsidian Demon, Mahesvara

Gender: Male

Age: 16-17

Origin: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Classification: Human, Modified Magician (Strategic-class; also Born Specialized/BS), Magic/CAD Engineer, Leader of the Four Leaves Technology (FLT), Special Lieutenant of the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion, member of the First High (Hachioji) Public Morals Committee, Course 2 Student (“Weed”), former member of the Yotsuba family

Powers and Abilities: Peak human stats and superhuman speed, stamina and agility, extrasensory perception, has multiple ways to detect someones presence (like feeling their life force or expanding his senses through Idea to precisely pinpoint their location), Elemental Sight gives him precognition, remote viewing, ability to analyze spells, matter and most substances to provide him with necessary knowledge and weaknesses (can also replicate analyzed things if given time), psychometry, telescopic and x-ray vision, seeing through illusions and concepts, vastly enhanced ability to read & process data and more; data destruction, matter/energy conversion, and magic nullfication via Decomposition, regeneration (High-Mid, his scale of regeneration is often clouded by it's fast process), healing and restoration of matter via Regrowth, instant magic invoking and spell memorization via Flash Cast, able to combine activation sequences for greater effect or spell consecutive usage via Loop Cast System, soul manipulation via Far Strike, extremely proficient with magic, psion and ki manipulation, can restore or destroy eidos, expert hand to hand combat, master marksman, high pain resistance, can amp his body attributes with magic usually through vector control, immense data reading capacity and processing (can read multiple activation sequences at once, reading one was said to be impossible), can dispel illusions, limited ability to alter gravity, telekinetic forces and vectors to boost his stats, deflect attacks and so on, flight, expert at magic nullification, Data Fortification and Zone Interference (see Miyuki's page for more info), can alter structure of existing spells to make them unharmful to him, can generate vibrations (disrupts psions gathering in the area, causes motion sickness), can receive and transmit data via physical contact, able to summon spirits, can shoot lasers and electrically charged particles, can harm intangible beings, resistance to magic nullification, some degree of quantum manipulation (taught Shizuku a magic that involved creating quantum heat rays), some degree of conceptual manipulation, resistance to mind manipulation and possession (has mind blocks that prevents someone to invade his mind, if mind manipulation is nature of magic then he can easily decompose it), barriers, and several others. Above genius level intellect, genius inventor, genius tactician.

Attack Potency: At least City level when using decomposition magic. Varies (His degree of destruction depends on how much data he analyzes and destroys - hence he usually directly destroys target without affecting his surroundings), Material Burst power depends on target mass (By converting 1 kg of matter directly into energy he created an explosion that vaporized a fleet of armored battleships, superheated the ocean, scorched the edges of a city, and caused a tsunami, the energy of this attack was stated to be 20 Megatons, he can most likely reach far higher levels); subatomic destruction, his magic can ignore conventional durability.

Speed: Supersonic travel speed (Easily crossed distance of kilometers in relatively short time), higher with magic boosts (Characters weaker than him can intercept beams; can use Loop Cast to boost it even further) with Hypersonic+, potentially Relativistic reaction speed (Reacted and decomposed Maya's Meteor Line, spell that presumably can move at a speed of light, has better reactions than Naotsugu who was able to cut lightspeed's plasma beam and later evaded the same type of beam) through Elemental Sight.

Lifting Strength: Peak human+ on his own, at least Class 50 via telekinesis and vector control (Power-scaling from weaker characters).

Striking Strength: Street Class (Can reinforce his skin to make it harder than steel; can coat his hand with Decomposition magic to cut through almost anything).

Durability: Street level normally (He isn't exactly a "tanker" but was trained to withstand strikes of wooden swords), higher with magic boost (Can make his skin harder than steel), his layers of Decomposition makes him virtually impossible to hit with conventional firearms and hand to hand combat (Bullets turn to dust on contact, can disintegrate someone's arm with a touch); nigh-immunity to magic, his barriers, resistances and regen makes him harder to kill.

Stamina: Insanely high (Tatsuya has the biggest psion count in the series, one use of Gram Demolition can tire the average magician, Tatsuya can spam it without breaking a sweat even though he was restrained by numerous limiters); much higher after lifting one layer (After lifting it Tatsuya “exploded” with a psions, it coated his body in the form of aura), can endure insane amounts of pain (When Regrowth is used Tatsuya feels the pain the target felt).

Range: As far as Idea extends with a magic, Elemental Sight has a range of at least tens of kilometers (Probably much higher as he directly looks into Idea), Third Eye CAD has range of hundred to thousands kilometers (Can pretty much attack any point on Earth).

Standard Equipment: Silver Horn (Specialized CAD in the form of handgun), Silver Horn “Trident” (long gun-barrel version of Silver Horn, it has engraved formula to use 3 different magic sequences at once), Flying Device, Mobile Suit (suit..duh, coupled with helmet that has number of traits: is bulletproof, heat resistant, shock resistant and resistant to biological and chemical weapons, simple motion supplement system is included, as well as a Flying Device, it is capable of nullifying recoil, so firing in air is possible. Helmet is provided with HUD like vision, device to change his voice and communicator), Third Eye CAD (A sniper-like rifle equipped with a long-range precision targeting system that only Tatsuya can use, he uses it for Material Burst, Tatsuya connects small cord with a Mobile Suit, this way Third Eye expands his Elemental Sight, not only that, it connects him to satellite so he can attack with perfect accuracy and from every angle), Motorcycle with compact computer, number of other CADs: in the form of simple bracelets, swords with magnet for mid range usage, etc. Through his intellect and connections Tatsuya can acquire any device in the series - though it requires prep.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Tatsuya proved he’s the most intelligent person in the series. Knowledgeable about physics, chemistry, biology, physiognomy of the body, magic, hand-to-hand combat. Great tactician (Can defeat even the strongest magicians with basic magic while having most powers restricted). It was said that modern technology was 10 years too young to comprehend his devices. He frequently invents magical devices that were said to be impossible to create, thus outclassing the entire R&D Departments of entire countries (Miyuki offhandedly mentions that he "broke another magical law" when he casually develops a device that can produce continuous flight and produced a gravity controlled thermonuclear reactor). Combination of Elemental Sight and Idea allows him to quickly analyze the structure of anything he uses his magic on. Extensive combat experience and skilled in the use of psychological warfare to break his opponents.

Weaknesses: Tatsuya Shiba does not begin most fights with Decomposition magic because he must hide his status as a Strategic-class magician, he can’t use most of his spells unless given express permission by a superior. He can only use Decomposition on a limited amount of targets, Phantom Pain (subconscious suggestion that tells him he’s “unable to regenerate from this attack” because of that he usually tries to destroy/dodge it), he can still feel pain (But this is mitigated by his pain tolerance) has limiters that seals most of his power. He is vulnerable to incorporeal magic since he cannot rewrite Eidos, only restore or destroy it.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Decomposition: Also called Demon Right. It’s an innate magic of Tatsuya. It’s a magic of the highest difficulty that directly interferes with target informational body (eidos) by destroying it (basically reality warping). Tatsuya can erase nearly anything as he can see all eidos, he can erase both, organic and inorganic matter, magic, gases, signals, intangibles beings and much more (he translates things into signals and then rewrites or erases the base design). Since he can read the structure of each object, theoretically there is nothing he can’t erase. It has no casting time so he can use it instantly, he showed to destroy 36 targets at the same time (with limiters, unknown if he used Loop Cast at that time). It proved to be unavoidable. After targeting Tatsuya can break someone apart or entirely return them to basic components (atomization), can break individual molecular bounds or change things into psions. When used on magic it returns it to basic particles (psions) that way he can destroy any spell used on him (or selectively choose which part he want to erase - like deleting hypnotic part of a certain spell leaving only harmless light). Tatsuya showed great control of it as he can use it on laser and electrically charged particles with diameter of a needle. He frequently uses the magic as one would a bullet, leaving a hole in whatever he "shoots" at. When used in tandem with Elemental Sight he can bypass obstacles (killed a parasite inside someone's head without harming the host). Can use his hand (or entire body since he once decomposed sweat on his body) as an origin for Decomposition to create a “blade” that can cut through anything or just use it as an AoE barrier to disintegrate anything it comes contact with.

  • Gram Demolition: Or Magic Dismantling is a magic that demolishes the record of Magic (Gram). Gram Demolition is a heavyweight Counter Magic that uses compressed Psion particles to directly detonate the target by charging forward without using the Information Dimension. This is accomplished by forcibly blowing away all the accompanying Activation and Magic Sequences — anything that has traces of magic psions recorded on it. Though it is called magic, it is simply a cannonball of Psions that has neither structure nor a Magic Ritual to modify an event, so it is not affected by Zone Interference. The pressure of the cannonball also repels the effects of Cast Jamming. It has no physical effects and cannot be hindered by any obstacle. Besides its short effective range, Gram Demolition has almost no weaknesses. It is not an interference ability but a true dispersion so an excessive Psion Count is needed to activate it. Since it affects only Psions technically it isn’t Decomposition magic, though Tatsuya still uses it freely.
  • Gram Dispersion: Or Magic Dissolution, decomposes magic to component parts. Is one of the two strongest Counter Magics within Non-Systematic Magic. This magic takes a Magic Ritual and decomposes it into a group of Psion particles without a meaningful structure. Due to the nature of an object accompanying a phenomenon, if the information has not been exposed, it is possible to interfere with the magic. On the other hand, if the Magic Ritual is decomposed, the phenomenon will not occur. To analyze the magic before the magic is activated in the present age where invocation takes a fraction of a second requires the ability to “see” and analyze the magic structure. Since the user is typically required to understand the magic being used beforehand, it is thought utilization of this magic is impossible. However, Tatsuya is able to use this because of his other ability, Elemental Sight.
  • Mist Dispersion: Decomposes matter to component parts (such as ions and the basic elements). It is described as considerably mundane and quiet. There was no sound or emitted light and if raised to the highest degree of decomposition, even easily flammable materials would not ignite. The objects dissipate to dust, transform into steam and then scatter.
  • Material Burst: Strategic-level Disintegration Magic. It simply converts matter into pure energy in the form of powerful explosions. He uses it only with a combination of a Third Eye CAD (though it was implied he could use it with Trident CAD). There is no loss of energy from the collision between electrons and positrons that was seen in annihilation reactions (making it far stronger while not emitting radiation). Based on Einstein’s Formula, the energy created was mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. These explosions carries incredible heat and can virtually vaporize anything it comes contact with, it vaporized fleet of armored battleships, whole cities, ocean, ports, in addition it created strong shockwaves, hurricanes and tsunami. Material Burst has also similar nature to his Mist Dispersal (erasing target informational structure), making sure that no one will survive that. Researches are speculating that Tatsuya's matter/energy conversion is done by micro black hole creation and evaporation based on the Hawking radiation theory. Third Eye connects with his Elemental Sight(this expands it’s range while still having original functions like seeing eidos, seeing through physical obstacles, etc), it also connects him with a platform equipped with cameras that is in the stratosphere. It’s currently unknown what’s the biggest mass he can convert.

Regrowth: Also called Divine Left is Tatsuya second main magic (also innate). Changes in the Eidos can be rewound up to 24 hours in the past, copying and rewriting the Eidos from before any damages or harm from external sources were incurred, then using Magic Sequences to rewrite the current Eidos. The rewritten target will adhere to the updated information and restore itself to before any harm was suffered. Unlike other healing magic in the verse the effect of Regrowth is permanent since Tatsuya uses target own eidos to heal. No matter how severe injury is Tatsuya can heal them as long as they’re alive. This magic is instantaneous (but to read all changes in eidos Tatsuya needs about 0.2 seconds) and isn’t limited to biological organisms, Tatsuya can very well restore inorganic objects like machinery. Regrowth has a big flaw and that is a need to review ALL of information, that includes data of pain, what is more the pain multiplies during interval between healing, for example: the time when Tatsuya started to heal Isori after getting shoot was about 30 seconds, Tatsuya used about 0.2 seconds to review all the changes in the Eidos, in that brief instance the condensed pain that weighed on Tatsuya mind was about 150 times Isori suffering. The longer the duration of the wound, the greater the condensed pain. In order to erase an injury suffered one hour ago, the caster must suffer pain 10,000 times greater than the original.

  • Self-Restoration: Due to having his body structure recorded in the Idea, Tatsuya will always be restored to his base condition by reverse reading his Eidos, rather than regenerating it makes damage non-existent in the first place. It’s fully automatic and truly instantaneous (beacuse, unlike Regrowth, he heals his own eidos and he doesn’t have to review them). If he’s knocked out then it will just bring back his consciousness. If he’s poisoned then it will return him to the state before he was poisoned. The speed of his Restoration is such that others were confused if he really took damage (it regenerates already during taking damage), regenerated vaporized arm in the blink of eye, regenerated from Masaki A-class spell (which seems to be “Rupture” – magic that violently vaporizes body fluids causing someone to explode from inside). Tatsuya can abandon automatic function for manual control, this way he can confuse opponents about his body status and cover his image as a Strategic-class magician.

Loop Cast System: System created by Tatsuya and considered one of the most brilliant inventions in the verse. This system puts a loop on his activation sequence, beacuse of that he doesn’t need to activate sequence on each, single spell since Loop Cast gives him constant spell release. It can be used for various effects. He can use it to spell spam, either by realeasing few spells at once (since it’s copying activation sequence), by adding the same activation sequences (that way the power of the spell is greatly boosted) or by combining different activation sequences to create a new spell. Loop Cast is useful magic as it was the main reason Tatsuya could create a Flight magic. Later it proved that “loop” doesn’t only works on magic as he can use that to amplify different other things (like sound). Loop Cast is powerful enough to put a loop on a thermonuclear reaction for constant usage.

  • Trident: Combination of various decompositions, it was created by copying three activation sequences and using them at the same time, it’s done by Loop Cast System (he prefers to put activation sequences in his Trident CAD though). First decomposition strips opponent from his barriers, second prevents his magic from being cancelled and the last one atomizes target. All of this is done by one shoot. Don’t confuse it with his CAD. It's also a part of his Decomposition magic.
  • Phantom Blow: Using Loop Cast Tatsuya amplifies the volume of his finger snap to create powerful sound burst, strong enough to rupture Masaki eardrums and the semicircular canals, thus incapacitating him. While the sound was amplified many decibels higher, this magic is solely from the Oscillation System.

Elemental Sight: Also called Eyes of the Spirits is a Sensory/Perception magic that allows Tatsuya to connect to the Information Dimension. He can then specify the Eidos of their surroundings individually, regardless of distance. Users can analyze the Eidos of targets, allowing for precision aiming at long distances. In short, The "Eyes of the Spirits" — "Elemental Sight" refers to Tatsuya's ability to identify the "landscape (color)" of the information dimension. Each of the Four Major Systems and Eight Major Types of magic projects Magic Sequences onto the Eidos through the information dimension. Thus, Magicians who wield modern magic have the ability to link to the information dimension. By connecting to the information dimension and verifying its "existence" — Tatsuya's senses could be said to expand the field. And this "expansion" has dire consequences. Anything with a physical body in this world has their Eidos imprinted in the information dimension. Also, this isn't done through the five senses, or as if he could "see through" this expanded information dimension and the subsystem's signals to pull out the targets he needed. Rather, he is able to identify each and every Eidos and target them separately. In other words, no one can escape from his Elemental Sight. Also, by using Elemental Sight, users have a 360˚ field of "vision," regardless of physical obstacles, making it excellent for protection. It also allows him to see the 'past' of any magic- what magic had been used and the nature of the magic. By analyzing the Eidos, he can see how it was affected by any magics.

Flash Cast: Is a Single Systematic magic. It comes from practically brainwashing the brain into carving the images of the Activation Sequences into memory, then directly recalling the Activation Sequence from memory without the aid of a CAD. This ability completely bypasses the need for the CAD to spread and read the Activation Sequences. In Tatsuya's case the calculation area in his consciousness has taken this to the next level. By being able to construct Magic Sequences from memory, he also avoids the time needed to construct Magic Sequences in real time. This way, he has absolutely replaced the deficit in processing speed. However, since he is bad at magic, he is limited to using it with only five processes (for a A-rank magician handling 10 processes is childs play).

Cast Jamming: Is a Non-Systematic Magic that interferes with the phenomenon-altering mechanism of Eidos. Its nature is similar to that of a magic cancelling system. In contrast to Zone Interference which affects a fixed area, Cast Jamming scatters vast amounts of meaningless Psion waves, and as such it is a technique that prevents rituals from affecting Eidos. Cast Jamming works by greatly reducing the speed of a mage’s data upload to his base station, by overwhelming it with a large amount of data. The Psion noise propagates randomly and rapidly across all the eight varieties of the four systematic frequencies, and essentially becomes an antennae that blocks all transmissions. It also causes motion sickness. For it’s usage special stone (antinite) is needed. Tatsuya can obtain it due to his connections with Magic-Equipped Battalion.

  • Specific Magic Jamming: Variation of Cast Jamming created by Tatsuya. It is utilizing the Psion waves that interferes with one another when using two CADs simultaneously. One CAD is doing the jamming spell, and the other CAD doing a spell reversal. From two opposing spells, the simultaneous activations will release Psion incident interference waves as Irregular Magic. It has the same effects as a Cast Jamming yet antinite isn’t needed.

Resonance: Raises the oscillation frequency at irregular levels and directly projects that on the target while synchronizing the frequencies, this destroys the target using precise oscillation frequencies at the exact moment when resistance was the weakest. When applying oscillation-type magic onto the target object, a Magician can feel out the resonance point based on the Eidos’ resistance to the interfering Magic Sequence; if using regular intervals, then an alternate method would have to be used to identify the target’s resonance.

Active Air Mine: This magic sets numerous epicenters within the area where the targets are present, which generate the virtual waves that give rise to the vibratory waves within the targets. Instead of directly applying the waves to the targets with magic, the user has set up an area which causes the phenomena of applying such waves to the targets. The moment the waves from the epicenter come into contact with such a target, the virtual waves become real waves within the target and affect it in reality. There is no need to enter variable coordinates separately each time, but instead, the user can simply input into the Activation Sequence the number they desire and instantly invoke the magic. This magic doesn’t require changes in duration or power either.

Psions Control: While the most basic type of magic, Tatsuya showed great control of it. He can use Psion Waves (they’re jamming magic sequences and were compared to vibrations), while one Psion Wave is weak, Tatsuya can use Loop Cast to shoot few at ones, he can even use at least 3 of them to create compound waves inside someone body, this renders target unconscious or direct vibrations to the ground to create small tremors. Tatsuya somehow showed ability to control psions (he used this on Miyuki to calm her rampaging magic - possibly it can be done only to her as she holds a portion of his own magic power). He can use few CADs at once (said to be highly difficult as psions are interfering with each others).

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