The Tarantula is a large Academy City mobile weapon used by Disciplinary Action, a rogue Anti-Skill group. It's a large six-legged machine. On its left side it has a large four-barrel gatling gun, and on its right it has a big sphere with a rotating camera. The cockpit is located in the front of the machine, and it has a large cylinder on its back. The Tarantula weights 120 tons. Despite its large size it can still travel very fast and can travel diagonally on an incline. The flat roof on top of the machine allows people to stand upon it, and it can be used as a vantage point allowing friendly soldiers to fire on enemies from above during battle, as shown by DA.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Tarantula

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Age: Unknown

Classification: Mobile Weapon

Wielders: 1 human pilot

Powers and Abilities: Large four-barrel gatling gun, String Juicers

Attack Potency: Wall level with gatling gun (Shredded the ground and an Anti-Skill group, easily piercing their bulletproof combat shields) and String Juicers (Easily sliced through several Anti-Skill officers and their combat shields, can cut reinforced ceramic)

Speed: Likely Superhuman

Durability: Likely Building level (Impervious to gunfire, unharmed by Scavenger's paper bombs, likely at least as durable as smaller military powered suits like the HsPS-15)

Range: At least hundreds of meters with gatling gun, at least dozens of meters with String Juicers

Weaknesses: Can only function for 30 minutes

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Large Gatling Gun: On its left side the Tarantula has a large four-barrel gatling gun, capable of ripping stone, metal, and flesh to shreds.
  • String Juicers (ストリングジューサー (刀扇鋼糸) Sutoringu Jūsā (Katana Ōgi Kōshi), lit. "Sword Fan Steel Thread"): The Tarantula's secondary weapon, small mobile weapons released from two containers under the cockpit that are a product of DA's research. The String Juicers are disc-like objects that are launched towards the enemy. As they fly through the air the discs will start spinning very fast and release strings that can cut through human flesh and even reinforced ceramic. The Tarantula can deploy 10 String Juicers at once, and the pilot can monitor their current status from the cockpit.