Tapu Bulu


Tapu Bulu is the guardian deity of Ula'ula Island.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 6-B, likely 5-B

Name: Tapu Bulu

Origin: Pokémon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Land Spirit Pokémon, Tapu, Guardian Deity of Ula'ula Island, Guardian, Sacred Guardian, Island Guardian, Spirit Guardian, Land Spirit, Guardian Tapu, Legendary Pokemon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Plant Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Attack Nullification, Life-Force Draining, Energy Manipulation, Immunity to powders, Leech Seed, and Dragon Type moves, Resistance to Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, Electric, and Dark Type moves, Speed Reduction

Attack Potency: Small Country level, likely Planet level via power-scaling (As a Legendary, it should be at least comparable to the likes of Moltres and the other Legendary Birds. Fought the Ultra Beasts). Ignores Durability with Natures Madness and the Z-Move Guardian of Alola (Always gets an opponent to a half/quarter of their health)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Aided in the fight against Solgaleo or Lunala)

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Can lift large trees)

Striking Strength: Small Country Class, likely Planet Class

Durability: Small Country level, likely Planet level

Stamina: Very high

Range: Standard melee range. Hundreds of kilometers with projectiles and abilities.

Standard Equipment: Tapunium Z

Intelligence: High, should be comparable to Tapu Koko

Weaknesses: Steel, Fire, Flying, Ice, and especially Poison Type moves. Very lazy. Guardian of Alola can only be used once per battle.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Grassy Surge: Tapu Bulu automatically sets up Grassy Terrain upon entry or reentry into combat.
  • Nature's Madness: The signature move of the Tapu. Tapu Bulu draws energy from nature itself and strikes the opponent reducing their current health by half.
  • Guardian of Alola: The signature Z-Move of the Tapu. Tapu Bulu uses the power of the Tapunium Z and combines it with Nature's Madness summoning a giant yellow avatar which Tapu Bulu attaches to as its head. It then squashes the opponent reducing their current health down to a quarter.
  • Grassy Terrain: Tapu Bulu causes the surrounding ground to become covered with grass. It powers up the Grass Type moves of those grounded by 50% and slowly heals them over time. It also halves the damage of Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Magnitude.
  • Wood Hammer: Tapu Bulu recklessly hammers into the opponent causing recoil damage to itself in the process.
  • Superpower: Tapu Bulu physically strikes the opponent with immense force. This also lowers its attack and defense however.
  • Mean Look: Tapu Bulu gives the opponent a sharp mean look that prevents their escape.
  • Disable: Tapu Bulu disables the last move used by the opponent.
  • Whirlwind: Tapu Bulu blows a whirlwind at the opponent to blow them away.
  • Withdraw: Tapu Bulu withdraws into its shell to boost its defense. It can be used to simultaneously block in coming attacks.
  • Leafage: Tapu Bulu fire off leaves to damage the opponent.
  • Horn Attack: Tapu Bulu strikes the opponent with its horns.
  • Giga Drain: Tapu Bulu absorbs energy from the opponent restoring its own health by half of the damage done.
  • Scary Face: Tapu Bulu makes a scary face to lower the opponent's speed.
  • Leech Seed: Tapu Bulu fires a seed that attaches itself to the opponent and slowly saps their health which in turn restores Tapu Bulu's own health.
  • Horn Leech: Tapu Bulu strikes the opponent with its horns and simultaneously saps their health restoring Tapu Bulu's by half of the damage dealt.
  • Rototiller: Tapu Bulu tills the soil boosting the attack and special attack of all grounded Grass Types.
  • Zen Headbutt: Tapu Bulu focuses a psychic energy into its head and then headbutts the opponent possibly causing them to flinch.
  • Megahorn: Tapu Bulu jabs the opponent with its horns with extreme force.
  • Skull Bash: Tapu Bulu first tucks its head in boosting the defense before bashing the opponent with its head.



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