Sanjay always said I was... different. Everyone has, asking where I fit on the spectrum. It used to bother me because I knew it was true. It doesn't bother me anymore. Because I can do things nobody else can.
~ Symmetra describing herself


Satya Vaswani grew up in Hyderabad, India. By her recollection, it was not a pleasant environment to grow up in.

Following the Omnic Crisis, the Vishkar Corporation of southern India began the laborious process of creating new, self-sustaining cities to house the nation's displaced population. One such city, Utopaea, was created using radical hard-light technology that enabled its architechs to shape the city's streets, utilities, and living spaces in the blink of an eye.

After she was identified as one of the few capable of becoming a light-bending architech, Satya was plucked from extreme poverty and placed in the care of Vishkar's Architech Academy, never to return home. Isolated and lonely in her new life, Satya immersed herself in her education and training. She quickly grasped the applications of the technology and was one of the top students in her class. Satya approached hard-light manipulation differently than her peers, with their more procedural, mechanical constructions, instead weaving her constructs in the motions of the traditional dance of her homeland.

Though she was one of Utopaea's top architechs, the Vishkar Corporation saw far greater potential in Satya's abilities. Giving her the moniker "Symmetra," Vishkar sent her on clandestine missions around the world to uphold its corporate interests and expand its influence into other countries.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B physically, likely High 8-C with firearms

Name: Satya Vaswani, callsign "Symmetra"

Origin: Overwatch

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Classification: Vishkar Corporation Enforcer, Light-Bending Architech

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Portal Creation, Can create structures out of hard-light

Attack Potency: Human level physically, likely Large Building level with firearms (Capable of harming characters like Reinhardt, Winston, Roadhog, Junkrat and Widowmaker)

Speed: Subsonic with High Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Can fight Overwatch's fastest on even ground, Easily defended herself against multiple beam-based weapons while caught off guard, calling herself careless in the process)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Human Class

Durability: Large Building level (Can take hits from other heroes), Multi-City Block level with Photon Barrier (Her shield's are able to resist D.Va's Ultimate)

Stamina: High (Can easily disable an entire security force without effort and can last through extended firefights with members of Overwatch without getting winded)

Range: Several meters with the Photon Projector and Sentry Turrets, Several dozen meters with Light Constructs and Photon Orbs, Several hundred meters with Teleporters

Standard Equipment: Photon Projector, Hard-Light Constructs and Equipment

Intelligence: Symmetra is the Vishkar Corporation's enforcer and one of its top architechs, being a child prodigy who quickly grasped the incredibly difficult art of light bending due to her mental condition. In her quest to further the corporation's interest in pursuit of a better world, she has proven herself capable in the arts of espionage, infiltration, and combat, clashing with Overwatch's finest on equal terms and easily disabling entire security forces while holding back to prevent permanent harm. She prefers to avoid killing her foes, but will not hesitate to do so if she deems it appropriate and serves a supporting role to her allies in extended firefights, flanking and incapacitating foes with her Photon Projector while holding down multiple chokepoints at once with her Sentry Turrets.

Weaknesses: Symmetra suffers from autism and a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder, is scared and uncomfortable around large crowds, Dislikes killing unless she deems it necessary, The Energy Ball is rather slow moving and easy to dodge for characters around her speed level, Her Sentry Turrets are relatively fragile and can be destroyed simply by punching them or with stray rounds, She must take some time to erect constructs, leaving herself vulnerable and unable to return fire in the mean time and requiring significant prep time for larger fights, is somewhat arrogant and single-minded at times.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Photon Projector: Symmetra's main weapon, a special cannon that shoots a concentrated energy beam that grows in power the longer it is tethered to the target, rapidly draining the target of their stamina until they are rendered unconscious or (if Symmetra feels its appropriate) until death.
    • Photon Orb: The Photon Projector's alternate function allows it to fire concentrated orbs of energy that pass through all energy shields. The power and size of the projectile is proportional to the amount of time it spends charging.
  • Photon Barrier: Symmetra projects a moving barrier that absorbs damage as it travels forward. It can also be placed still so that it stays in one place. In A Better World, she also demonstrated the ability to quickly erect a circular shield that deflected multiple beam-type weapons with ease.
  • Sentry Turrets: Symmetra constructs a small beam turret with limited range on a nearby surface that damages and slows down any target that comes within its sights. She has shown the ability to construct up to six of these turrets, with their effects stacking if established within close proximity of each other.
  • Teleporter: Symmetra constructs a teleporter that instantly transports Symmetra and her allies to the designated exit which is most frequently placed well in advance. However, should either end of the teleporter be destroyed, the construct will come apart, rendering it useless. Along with this, Symmetra deploys a wide-radius generator that provides increased shielding to her entire team, increasing their durability.
  • Hardlight Constructs: Aside from the abilities she has shown in-game, A Better World has shown Symmetra to be able to create a wide variety of other constructs, such as bridges for crossing large gaps and presumably entire building complexes due to her role as a hard-light architech.



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