The Sword of Kings was originally a sword explicitly forged to slay Zoma in Dragon Quest III, but its first wielder failed and the blade was subsequently. It was later reforged for Erdrick and he used it to successfully slay the Dmon King. It was then called Erdrick's Sword or the Sword of Erdrick after its most famous wielder, becoming a weapon of legend. At some point afterward, the Dragon Lord sized it to prevent it from being used against him. Despite his efforts, Erdrick's Descendant was able to retrieve the sword and slay the evil overlord as their ancestor once did.

It reappears in Dragon Quest II, but it has been worn due to age, and is thus far less potent than before.

It makes yet another appearance in Dragon Quest IX, where time has left it rusted and nearly unrecognizable from its previous glory. However, with time and patience, the Celestial was able to restore it to its full strength as one of the most powerful weapons in the game, surpassing even the equally legendary Liquid Metal Sword.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A

Name: Sword of Kings, Erdrick's Sword, Loto's Sword, Roto's Sword

Origin: Dragon Quest

Powers and Abilities: Incredible Durability and Sharpness, Tornado Generation

Attack Potency: Multi-Continental level (Surpasses Zoma's power, took three years for Zoma to break despite his best efforts)

Wielder(s): Erdrick, Erdrick's Descendant, Prince of Middenhall

Material or Element: Made of Orichalcum, Holy or Storm elemental

Needed Prerequisite to use: None, but it is best suited for hero class characters.

Notable Attacks: Can summon tornadoes

Key: Sword of Kings | Sword of Erdrick