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Powers and Stats

Tier: Possibly 3-B

Name: Sally Crane

Origin: Image Comics

Gender: Female

Age: Mid 80 years old

Classification: Human Mutate

Powers and Abilities: Strength Supreme, Speed Supreme, Invulnerability, Flight, Heat Vision, Ice Breath, Expanded Consciousness (mimics Enhanced Senses such as X-Ray vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, Hyper Hearing), Scream Supreme, skilled with advanced technology and has notable hand-to-hand and superhuman combat skill

Attack Potency: Unknown, possibly Multi-Galaxy level (Via sheer lifting strength)

Speed: Unknown movement/combat/attack speed. Massively FTL+ flight speed

Lifting StrengthUniversal

Striking Strength: Unknown, possibly Multi-Galactic

Durability: Unknown, possibly Multi-Galaxy level

Stamina: Nearly infinite

Range: At least Planetary

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Intelligence: Supergenius intellect (More intelligent than supercomputers, vast knowledge on aliens and the universe) 

Weaknesses: Supremium (various varieties)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Heat Vision
  • Freezing Breath
  • Scream Supreme
  • Supreme Breath


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