The levels of strength, speed or stamina significantly exceed what is theoretically feasible for a regular person. Examples include ability to move faster than the eye can see (the human limit is about 10 m/s at short distances), or even at supersonic speed, without any expense to self and without any gimmicks.


  • Speed: Faster than 9.8 m/s.
  • Lifting Strength: Over 454 kg (More than Olympic weight-lifters)
  • Striking Strength: At least Street Class (Attacks carry the force of over thousands of joules)
  • Durability: Street level (Able to survive large amounts of blunt force trauma, but can still get be killed by things such as knives, bullets, etc.)


Even if some of the parameters fall below the minimum value, the character can still be regarded as superhuman, if they have statistical advantage over ordinary people in multiple characteristics.

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