Superboy Jonathan Kent
Up until a couple days ago I thought I was a normal kid--with normal parents livin' a normal life. But that was a lie! Now I'm hearing about other planets and aliens and dad bein' Superman even though there's another Superman and I just... I mean, what I really want to know is... what does all this mean?
~ Jon questioning the nature of his existence


Jonathan Samuel "Jon" Kent is the biological son of Superman and Lois Lane. Born with the help of Thomas Wayne in the Flashpoint timeline, Jon grew up oblivious to his heritage and the fact that he and his parents were from an entirely different version of Earth than the one he lives in. However, various circumstances led him to discover his family's past and awaken his latent Kryptonian powers. As a result, his father decided to officially begin teaching Jon about his abilities, allowing him to become Superboy.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: Jonathan Samuel "Jon" Kent, Superboy

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Classification: Human/Kryptonian Hybrid, Superhero

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Freeze Breath, Super Breath, Heat Vision, Super Hearing, X-Ray Vision, and Telescopic Vision, Limited Sound Manipulation (Shattered a window by accident while shouting), Resistance to Time Stop (Broke out of Time Commander's attempts to freeze time around him, albeit after Time Commander's powers were significantly drained from rapidly aging Robin)

Attack Potency: Unknown (Can easily barrel through doors and punch through walls, stagger fully grown dinosaurs, force Wonder Woman and badly burned Superman's back with his Heat vision by accident, and damaged the Eradicator, who went toe-to-toe with Superman, albeit while the latter was admittedly weakened by the Rebirth continuity. Batman stated that Jon will be even more powerful than his father once he reaches his full potential, which he briefly accessed while being controlled by Manchester Black and could visibly harm his father with his blows)

Speed: Unknown (Like the rest of his powers, Jon's speed tends to fluctuate, outracing his father at one point, who raced Wally West, but was still being caught off guard by Robin, Nobody, and Goliath. He later caught up to a speeding train and briefly managed to run and hide from Lex Luthor while the latter was using a set of armor imbued with New God technology) 

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly Class 5 (His mother, Lois, says he's lifted a car over his head)

Striking Strength: Unknown (His overall strength tends to vary, ranging from breaking ropes with some difficulty, punching Damian Wayne non-lethally, to staggering dinosaurs and hurting the Eradicator, which was powered by the souls of hundreds of Kryptonians)

Durability: Unknown (His durability also tends to vary, as while he is unaffected by his own feats of strength, but has gotten a concussion from falling off a tree and was sedated via injection on another occasion. Robin and his pets were also able to make Jon wince as they fought. In more recent issues, knives and forks being tossed around by gale-force winds shatter against his skin. He also was thrown into a building without harm and traded blows with his father while under the control of Manchester Black)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Human melee range normally, Several dozen meters with Heat Vision and Freeze Breath

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Despite being called a "day-dreamer" and acting much like any other child his age, Jon has proven himself to be unusually intelligent at times, solving fairly complex 5th Grade math problems nearly instantly while he wasn't paying attention and tinkering with Kryptonian technology with his father's help. He is also capable enough to drive a tractor on his own, later applying those skills to ram a truck into Zade while the latter was fighting his father. However, his inexperience has left him with incomplete control over his powers and he lacks proper combat technique due to growing up in a normal household. However, his mastery over his powers is slowly growing in more recent issues, being able to sift through weeks worth of visual data in seconds and possessing much greater control over his heat vision. As of the Black Dawn arc, his control has greatly improved to the point that he rarely has problems using his powers.

Weaknesses: Jon's powers are still unstable and tend to fluctuate with his emotions, He is very inexperienced and thus does not have full access or control over his powers, but this problem has become virtually non-existent as of the end of the Black Dawn arc.






Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Heat Vision
  • Freeze Breath
  • Heat Vision: Like his father, Jon is able to emit concentrated solar energy through his eyes, allowing him to blast targets with searing energy beams. Those who are able to resist them are sent flying backwards instead. Jon's Heat Vision is powerful enough to badly singe his father's back and even a misfire was powerful enough to push back Wonder Woman as she blocked it with her bracelets.
  • Freeze Breath: Jon is also able to exhale large amounts of frigid air, flash freezing anything caught in range. However, it seems to be less potent than his father's, as Goliath was able to break free to catch both Jon and Maya soon afterwards. It was later shown to be potent enough to freeze a sludge monster created from genetic samples in the Batcave to the point that the monster shattered as plain ice when kicked by Damian Wayne. He has also demonstrated the ability to use simple Super-Breath, blowing his foes away with a powerful gust of wind. In Super Sons #8, he demonstrated the ability to reduce a magic clay statue back to normal by blowing all of the surface clay off of it.

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