Super Mario RPG

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Super Mario RPG The Legend of the Seven Star is an RPG video game spin off of the Super Mario Bros. It starts off with the usual Bowser kidnapping Peach then Mario saves Peach however a new threat appears as a mountain sized sword (Exor) fell down from the sky destroying Star Rod and slicing through Bowser's castle and the mountain it's on. The resulting shock wave threw Mario, Peach, and Bowser to other countries.

Also the Paper Mario Series was meant to be a continuation of the of this game but due to some "complications" between Nintendo and Square Enix the Paper Mario Series became its own spin off series. (Same can be said for the Mario and Luigi Series in which Geno the living doll makes a cameo appearance.)

Power of the Verse

The Mario RPG verse is not terribly powerful, but not too weak either. It possesses a life wiper and many characters who can be scaled as town and city level threats.

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