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Sunset Shimmer was the original student of Princess Celestia before Twilight Sparkle, but fled from her mentor when she did not gain what she desired from her studies. She is the main antagonist of the first Equestria Girls movie and one of the primary protagonists of its sequels. She is quite adept at using magic, and remains skilled with it even after spending most of her time in the human world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B | At the very least 7-B, likely higher | At the very least 7-B, likely far higher | 10-B | At the very least 7-B, likely higher | 7-C

Name: Sunset Shimmer

Origin: My Little Pony

Gender: Female

Age: Early to Mid 20s (older than Twilight by multiple years)

Classification: Unicorn/Human

Powers and Abilities: Has all the powers Unicorn Twilight had, as she studied under Celestia before Twilight. Potentially even knows more as she shows clear knowledge of things Twilight has no idea about throughout the movies. | Flight, Energy Manipulation, Mind Control on a wide scale (mind controlled an entire high school population at once in seconds), Telekinesis (ripped an entire wall of a school off and crushed it into nothing with ease), Transmutation (can change anyone into a demon of similar flight and magic powers as her with little effort, can do it to multiple at a time). | Unlimited Flight, Forcefield, can revert mind control on par with The Dazzling' level, can summon a giant spirit to aid in battle | The strength and powers of the average teenage girl, likely more powerful in anthro form | Flight, can create and mend holes in reality across dimensions, Energy Manipulation. Has also shown the ability to remove the negative energy from another completely (similar to the Elements of Harmony) like against Midnight Sparkle. | Telepathy

Attack Potency: City level (Should be comparable to Unicorn Twilight in strength) | At the very least City level, likely higher (Took over the powers of the Element of Magic for herself to use, which are far superior to herself. However, because it was separate from the rest of the Elements, it cannot properly scale to those) | At the very least City level (Defeated The Dazzlings, who were drastically superior to Sunset herself when wielding the Element of Magic) | Human level (Is as strong as a teenage girl) | At the very least City level, likely higher (Manifested the powers of the Mane 6, which showed to be on par with the Elements of Magic n the original movie) | Town level (Easily defeated Gloriosa Daisy)

Speed: Peak Human (As fast as the rest of the non-Pegasus Mane 6 normally) | Likely Relativistic | Relativistic (Should be as fast as the normal Rainbow Power speed) | Normal Human | Likely Relativistic | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (Should be about equal to Twilight who lifted a rock bigger than she was) | Unknown | Class H | Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: At least City Class | City Class | Human Class | City Class | Town Class

Durability: City level (comparable to Unicorn Twilight) | At the very least City level, likely higher (Far more powerful than her base form) | At the very least City level, likely far higher (Stronger than that of the Dazzlings) | Wall level (Took Pinkie Pie's explosions close range), at the very least City level when using the Magic of Friendship (should be comparable to the others of the Mane 6, who tanked a full power attack from Demon Sunset) | At the very least City level, likely higher (Manifested the powers of the Mane 6 which showed to be on par with the Element of Magic in the original movie.) | Town level

Stamina: Average | At least Superhuman | At least Superhuman | Average | Likely Superhuman | Likely Superhuman

Range: Several dozen meters with magic | Several dozen meters with magic, likely farther than previous | Can stretch across an entire country with ease | A few feet with punches and kicks | Several dozen meters with magic, can traverse space and time using portals | Several kilometers with magic

Standard Equipment: Her new magical Geodes.

Intelligence: Genius. She is of comparable levels to Twilight in intelligence.

Weaknesses: Was too over-confident and cocky, thought too highly of herself which eventually saw her admittedly stupid plan in hindsight fail with ease (no longer a problem after the first movie). Otherwise, none notable, seems about as good at the rest of the Mane 6, though she does sometimes get down on herself for her past mistakes. | None notable | Requires the Mane 6 in order to accomplish this power | Telepathy only works on someone when Sunset Shimmer touches that said person.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • She has many of the same spells as Twilight, look at Twilight's page for more info.

Key: Unicorn Form | Element of Magic (Demon Form) | Rainbow Power (Equestria Girls Universe) | Equestria Girls Human Self | Daydream Shimmer | Equestrian Geodes


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