Sumireko Usami is the president of the Occult Club from the Outside world. She first reached Gensokyo through her dreams, but she planned to destroy the barrier separating the outside world from Gensokyo so she could access it fully.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C, likely higher | High 4-C

Name: Sumireko Usami

Origin: Touhou Project

Gender: Female

Age: 15-16

Classification: Human with ESP abilities

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Danmaku, Forcefield Creation (Can create a forcefield to block incoming attacks, and she passively creates a barrier around her when she's stunned), Telekinesis, Energy Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Teleportation (Can both travel short distances mid-fight and travel to Otherworlds, although the latter is not combat applicable), Duplication, Astral Projection (Can visit Otherworlds as a dream projection of herself), Duplication (Can create a temporary doppelganger of her)

Attack Potency: At least Island level, likely higher (Should be easily stronger than the likes of Cirno) | Large Star level (Was about to break the Hakurei Barrier, which is a feat that not even high-level youkai are able to accomplish)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Should not be too far behind high tiers and Moon rabbits like Rei'sen)

Lifting Strength: Unknown normally, Class 5 with Telekinesis (Stronger than Cirno)

Striking Strength: At least Island Class, likely higher

Durability: At least Island level, likely higher

Stamina: Pretty high, was able to fend off multiple Youkai attacks

Range: At least Tens of Meters with Danmaku (Her firing range should be comparable to Sakuya's, who can throw knives at least 36 meters). Low Multiversal with Astral Projection and the Occult Balls' true power

Standard Equipment: A deck of cards, and the Occult Balls

Intelligence: Gifted (She gets near-perfect grades in college in all fields despite never studying)

Weaknesses: None notable


  • With the Occult Balls, she was going to break the Hakurei Barrier.

Key: Base | With the Occult Balls' true power


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