Stone Mask

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies

Name: Stone Mask

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part I: Phantom Blood)

Classification: Mask, Source of Vampirism

Wielder(s): Dio Brando, Kars, and the rest of the Pillar Men who were still alive by 1938

Material or Element: Stone

Needed Prerequisite for Use: Some blood has to be sprayed onto the mask, which will then activate the mask's power.

Powers and Abilities: Grants humans Superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Enhanced Senses, and Regeneration (High-Mid), along with Body Control; grants Pillar Men enhanced strength and some new ability (abilities displayed include Wind Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, and Light Manipulation)

Attack Potency: Varies; any vampire born as a result of the Stone Mask will have their physical abilities increased to Small Building level with the potential for City Block level+, while Pillar Men will have their physical abilities increased to at least City Block level+

Speed: Varies. Vampires will be endowed with Supersonic speed with potential for Hypersonic attack and reaction speeds, while Pillar Men who have used the mask have displayed Hypersonic speed with Massively FTL reactions.

Lifting Strength: Varies. All vampires receive Superhuman strength, up to Class 50. Pillar Men receive Class 25 strength at the very least, likely Class 50 (Mask-using Pillar Men tend to be superior across the board compared to even peak vampires)

Striking Strength: Grants Small Building Class to City Block Class+ strength

Durability: Grants Small Building level to at least City Block level+, the mask itself has Wall level durability (casually broken by Speedwagon)