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Akatsuki owes us some revenge, and I won't rest till I've gotten it. I don't intend to kill you. But… that's because I don't see the value in doing that for you. You would indiscriminately display your intent to kill to anyone, but there is only one person in this world that I would value fighting as a knight, one opponent that I would give my all against. That's why I sought to ascertain your strength, be sure of your level―so I can know how far I must go to break you without killing you.
~ Stella Vermillion


Stella Vermillion is an A-rank Apprentice Knight and the second princess of the Vermillion Kingdom. After a misunderstanding, she dueled Ikki Kurogane and lost, subsequently accepting her defeat and later became his closest friend and ally. After numerous trials and tribulations, the duo would eventually fall in love, becoming officially engaged after Ikki's victory over Touka Toudou.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C physically. At least 8-A with Bahamut Soul and Kalsariteo Salamandra. | At least High 8-C physically. Likely 8-A with Dragon's Nest. At least Low 7-C with Kalsariteo Salamandra

Name: Stella Vermillion; Crimson Princess

Origin: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Classification: Human, Blazer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Expert Swordswoman, Enhanced Hearing and Spatial Awareness, Illusion Creation and Invisibility via bending the surrounding light with heat, can use magic to boost her physical stats and create a barrier around herself

Attack Potency: At least Building level physically (Stronger than base Ikki). At least Multi-City Block level+ with Bahamut Soul and Kalsariteo Salamandra  (Her magic is stronger than Shizuku's who can do this. Was stated to be able to destroy the town where the SSSAF was taking place. Briefly matched Ouma, albeit she lost.) | At least Large Building level physically (Comparable to Ouma, if not stronger. Destroyed a good portion of the ring with her Dragon's Stomp). Likely Multi-City Block level with Dragon's Nest (Melted nearly all the arena, leaving only a few pieces of land to act as footholds). At least Small Town level with Kalsariteo Salamandra (Overpowered Ouma's Kusanagi)

Speed: At least Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Ikki) | At least Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: At least Class 25 (Easily swatted away a sword that was stated to weigh 10 tons) | At least Class K

Striking Strength: Building Class | Large Building Class

Durability: At least Building level with her subconscious magical barriers (Able to survive the power of her own attacks and blocked a direct strike from base Ikki), City Block level with Empress Dress | At least Large Building level (Tanked Ouma's attacks without any major injuries), at least City Block level with Empress Dress (Should be more durable than before)

Stamina: Extremely high; she has thirty times the magical capacity of a regular blazer, could endure severe burns all over her body even as a child, can shrug off a broken arm, melt her own bones with a smile, and fight normally even after losing a huge amount of blood

Range: Extended melee range. A few tens of meters with spells, over a hundred meters with Kalsariteo Salamandra and Bahamut Soul

Standard Equipment: Laevateinn; Stella's Device, it takes a form of a golden broadsword with red markings on the hilt and is clad in the Dragon Breath's flames.

Intelligence: Stella is a renowned prodigy in both swordsmanship and in the user of her abilities as a Blazer. Despite being ultimately outmatched in a contest of pure swordplay, Ikki, a swordsman of the highest caliber, noted that Stella's mastery of the Imperial Sword Style is practically flawless and there wasn't much he could teach her. However, as a somewhat sheltered and hormone addled teenager, she is sometimes prideful, reckless, and impulsive, leading to poor tactical decisions when riled up.

Weaknesses: A somewhat hot-blooded, reckless, impulsive, and prideful teenager, Never researches her opponent's abilities, Kalsariteo Salamandra requires a few seconds to activate, Not willing to use Bahamut Soul in one-on-one duels, destroying Laevateinn deals enough mental damage to knock her out, the flames from Empress Dress limit her field of vision

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Empress Dress: Stella creates a dress made of flames that acts as an armor. This can also be used as an attack, due to it's extreme heat.
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Dragon Breath

  • Flame Veil: Using Dragon Breath's intense heat, Stella bends the light in the surroundings, allowing her to become invisible and create illusions.
  • Dragon Breath: Stella's Noble Art, mainly comprising of the ability to summon and control flames. This particular kind of flame carries some of the common properties of natural fire like radiant heat and light, but does not immediately burn anything it touches. Stella uses Dragon Breath in both offense and defense, creating an invisible barrier that block incoming attacks, as well as extending the flames to attack any nearby foes. According to Stella, her Noble Art can reach temperatures as high as 3000°C.
  • Dragon Stomp: After raising her leg in the air, Stella brings her foot down on the floor with monstrous strength, destroying the ground and staggering her opponents for a short time.
  • Trackless Step: (抜き足 Nukiashi): This technique combines the user's breath control and footwork at the same time to make one's movement difficult to perceive as dangerous and seep into the opponent's rhythm, making the opponent unable to react until the user is a direct threat to their life.
  • Dragon's Nest: Stella stabs her blade into the ground and blasts it with Dragon Breath, melting the surroundings into a sea of magma. This technique only leaves a few pieces of land to act as footholds, and even these only last ten minutes before being melted, effectively putting a time limit on the fight.
  • Dragon Fang: Activated by igniting Laevateinn in flames, Stella creates a three meter long serpentine dragon clad in flames that can target its opponent.
  • Satan Fang: Activated by igniting Laevateinn in flames, Stella creates an enormous, seven-headed dragon clad in flames that lunges towards its target and rips them apart with its molten fangs.
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Katharterio Salamandra

  • Kalsariteo Salamandra: (lit. Purgatory Salamander): Stella's ultimate technique, Laevateinn transforms into a sword made from heat that has no physical body, and can reach a target more than a hundred meters away.
  • Bahamut Soul: Stella releases an immense whirlwind of fire from her body. This technique is actually merely the full-power release of magic power at one's upper ceiling of instantaneous output, akin to a loud shout, and something that anyone can use. The light released from Bahamut Soul is so bright that most people are blinded for 20 seconds after seeing it.

Key: Selection Battles Arc | Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc


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