Summary of the Verse

Starbound is a game being developed by Chucklefish. The game takes place in a 2-dimensional, randomly-generated universe. Each planet and creature encountered by players in the game is generated by the game's engine, making every location in the game unique.

The plot of the game follows a character of 7 different races up to the player's choice finding themselves alone in their spaceship with the galaxy to explore, yet with a seemingly evil presence lurking...

Power of the Verse

It is a very powerful verse. Basic races and even basic enemies are city level, with a massive speed exceeding that of light.

The higher end of the verse are able to casually destroy planets, even by their sheer sizes. The Ruin, for example, obliterated Earth while still sealed and weakened.

The fictional and mythological characters of the verse are even more powerful, reaching universal scale of power.

Supporters and Opponents of the verse


  • Darkanine
  • Saikou the Lewd King
  • EliminatorVenom
  • LoyalservantofInti



Playable Races









-Erchius Horror

-Dreadwing the Penguin


-Shockhopper MK I

-Asra Nox


-The Cultivator

-The Ruin


-Erchius Ghost

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