Star Fox- Assault (Japanese)

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Star Fox is a video game series developed and published by Nintendo. The original game was a forward-scrolling 3D Sci-Fi rail shooter. Later sequels added more directional freedom as the series progressed. The game concept was inspired by a shrine dedicated to a fox deity, Inari Ōkami, which Shigeru Miyamoto visited regularly. The shrine was accessible through a series of arches, thus inspiring the gameplay.

The first game in the series, developed by Nintendo EAD and programmed by Argonaut Software, used the Super FXChip to create the first accelerated 3D gaming experience on a home console. The Super FX Chip was an additional math co-processor that was built into the Game Pak and helped the Super Famicom and SNES better render the game's graphics. The Super FX Chip has been used in other Super Famicom/SNES games as well, some with increased processing speed. Its remake, Star Fox 64, further revolutionized the video game industry by being the first Nintendo 64 game to feature the Rumble Pak.

The games follow an independent mercenary unit called Star Fox (made up of anthropomorphic animals) and their adventures around the Lylat System.

Power of the Verse

The verse has lots of decent sci-fi level technology: Bombs that are as strong as small nukes, a bomb that cam blow up planets, powerful vehicles capable of bust entire large buildings and above, missiles that can reach the other side of the galaxy, planetary shields, tech based aliens capable of life wiping planets via infecting tech and living beings becoming immune to almost anything, and faster than light spaceships.

And the verse has lots of hax and mystic powers as well. These includes Andross being able to resurrect himself a few times while taking various different forms, soul stealing, a staff with various capabilities(can shoot fire and ice, make small quakes, open portals, make force fields, etc), Krystal's telepathic powers, crystals called Spellstones that contains the energy of an entire planet and can tear planets apart, the Krazoa Spirits being able to reconstruct a planet, etc. It's a fairly strong franchise overall.


Fox McCloud

Falco Lombardi

Slippy Toad


Wolf O'Donnell

General Scales

Prince Tricky



Anglar Emperor





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