Stannis Baratheon (S05E01)


Stannis Baratheon is the Lord of Dragonstone, the younger brother of late King Robert Baratheon, and older brother of Renly Baratheon. When Eddard Stark discovers that Robert's heir Joffrey is in reality a bastard born out of incest between Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime, Stannis, as the lawful heir, claims the Iron Throne for himself, beginning the War of the Five Kings.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, 9-C with sword

Name: Stannis Baratheon

Origin: A Song of Ice and Fire

Gender: Male

Age: In his 40s

Classification: Human, Noble

Powers and Abilities: Swordsmanship, Good Tactician

Attack Potency: Athlete level, Street level with sword

Speed: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Athlete Class, Street Class with sword

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Durability: Street level (managed to fight off a handful of attackers despite debilitating injuries after being routed in battle)

Range: Extended melee range

Intelligence: High (He has good knowledge of battle strategies).

Weaknesses: His hunger for power drives him to do actions that are morally despicable (he even sacrificed his own daughter).



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