Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C physically. At least 9-B with phaser against shields. At least 8-C with phaser against solid matter. | 9-B. At least 9-B with phaser against shields. At least 8-C with phaser against solid matter.

Name: Spock (the remainder of his name is apparently unpronounceable to humans)

Origins: Star Trek (TOS, Movies 1-6, TNG, reboot movies)

Gender: Male

Age: Over 126 years old

Classification: Human/Vulcan Hybrid, Starfleet member, Science and First Officer of the Starship Enterprise

Powers and Abilities: Genius intellect, skilled tracker, Skilled marksman and Hand-to-Hand combatant, alien physiology makes him immune/resistant to some things humans are susceptible, has a second eyelid to protect him against blinding light, can live without his brain for 24 hours, has a degree of telepathic abilities, can resist mental attacks or fake his own memories, able to meld his mind with other creatures (even robots and non-corporeals), his consciousness can leave his body and possess people

Attack Potency: Street level physically. At least Wall level with phaser against shields (See weaponry explanation below). At least Building level with phaser against solid matter (See weaponry explanation below) | Wall level. At least Wall level with phaser against shields (Scaling from TOS). At least Building level with phaser against solid matter (Scaling from TOS)

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Athlete Class (During his duel with Kirk he broke a thick metal "gong" in half and could snap metal blades with relative ease) | Wall Class (Could trade blows with Khan, who can can crush skulls)

Durability: Street level | Wall level (He was able to take hits from Khan, and withstood the latter's attempt to crush his skull, despite that Khan is able to crush human skulls)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range, hundreds of meters via his phaser

Standard Equipment: Sub-space communicator, tricorder, hand phaser (either Type 1 or Type 2)

Intelligence: Genius. Spock is the science officer of the Enterprise and knowledgeable in almost everything available to the Federation in the 23rd century.

Weaponry Explanation: Star Trek phasers work through the generation of a subatomic particle known as nadions, which according to the guidebook and script can cause "liberation of atomic nuclei, disrupting nuclear forces". Basically, it causes a reaction in solid matter that causes a semi-perpetuating subatomic destruction effect, which lasts until the particles are expended. In other words, it is the particle to energy ratio that causes the damage not the actual energy (can be seen in this source: - site used for current accepted hand phaser calc). This reaction is clearly seen with clean "dissapearing" of objects hit by phasers, after being hit there is no more matter to react with. Phasers don't do as much damage as photon torpedoes against shields, b/c they focus less on raw energy output and more on damage caused by the particles which are blocked from reacting by the shields.

Weaknesses: His Vulcan physiology and customs sometimes cause him problems

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Vulcan Nerve Pinch: Spock has a detailed knowledge of anatomy. He can use the bio-energy radiated by his fingertips applied to a precise nervous area to temporally paralyze and knock out people. Seemingly all it takes for Spock to lazily touch the right shoulder of someone for this to take effect.

-Vulcan Mind Meld: Vulcan are born telepaths. Due to their philosophy and rigorious training Vulcans never spy on the thoughts of other people unless they have an explicit reason for it. During such times they can meld their mind to experience the memories and thoughts of other people. This normally requires physical contact for it to be most effective, but Spock is occasionally shown to do this without it. By giving various suggestions Spock can also influence the minds of people, albeit this process is slow thus can only be used when Spock can concentrate for long periods of time without interruptions.

Key: Original | Reboot


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