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A Pirate mutated with Chozo DNA

Ac17 spacepirate mp

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A fusion of a Hunter Ing and a Space Pirate Commando

Omega Pirate render

The pinacle of Space Pirate Phazon mutations


This species seeks to become the dominant force in the galaxy, and their technology may help them realize this goal. Ruthless and amoral, the Pirates care little for the cost of their ambition. Only the results matter and they take these very seriously.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C | Likely 6-C | Unknown | 5-B | At least 5-B

Name: Space Pirates, Zebesians,

Origin: Metroid (Verse)

Gender: Male and Female, but the males are the ones that fight.

Age: Varies

Classification: Mutated Alien (Due to the constant changes to their physiology, generally in response to the planets they arrive on.) | Same | Ing-corrupted Space Pirate | Phazon-corrupted Space Pirate | Heavily Phazon-corrupted Space Pirate

K-Level: Type 2

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Projection, Flight, Acid Manipulation. | Resistance to Fire, Ice, and Electricity attacks depending on the variation, Invisibility | Darkness Manipulation, Portal Creation, EMP Bombs, Barrier Creation | Phazon Manipulation, Invulnerability

Attack Potency: Town level (One of them can almost kill Samus Aran in her Zero Suit, Zero Suit Samus cannot physically compete with the Space Pirates, forcing her to generally either stun them with her Paralyzer or run away.) | Likely Island level (Had reversed engineered most of Samus' weapons from Zero Mission (With the exception of the Zebes Plasma Beam) | Unknown (Due to being enhanced by fusion with the Ing, they should be a vast amount stronger than their normal counterparts and possibly their corrupted versions) | Planet level (Had gained Phazon into their biological makeup, making them far superior and able to resist the initial collision of a Leviathan hitting their homeworld) | At least Planet level (Should be on par with a maxed out Gravity Suit Samus Aran, has a significant amount more Phazon running through his veins than that of the Corruption Pirates)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can keep up with Samus in her Zero Suit) | At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Has been extremely enhanced) | Massively FTL+ with the standard Dark Pirates, higher with the Commandos (The standard pirate should be at least on the level of the Ing, Pirate Commandos are made specifically to fight off Dark Suit Samus at this point) | Massively FTL+ (Faster than before) | Massively FTL+ (Omega Pirate can fight Gravity Suit Samus, and gives her the Phazon Suit when beaten)

Lifting Strength: Likely Class 50 (Were fused with Chozo DNA, which gave a normal human this level of power) | Unknown, likely higher than their previous form by a large margin

Striking Strength: Town Class | Likely Island Class | Unknown | Planet Class | At least Planet Class

Durability: Town level (Samus in her Zero Suit can barely fight them off) | Unknown (Had enhanced their armor by a lot, but their beams had created a critical flaw in the armor, making them weak to their respective beam) | Unknown | Planet level (Survived the collision of the Leviathan to their homeworld) | At least Planet level for his exoskeleton. Likely Planet level for his soft spots.

Stamina: Superhuman (They can be ripped in half and they will still fight, an elite survived only as a brain)

Range: Up to dozens of meters with standard firearms, Galactic with Portal Creation.

Standard Equipment: Quantum Assault Cannons, Photonic Power Scythe, Grenade Launchers (Only used by Grenadiers in Prime 2), Dash Jet System (Common for all Troopers in Prime 3, only equipped by Commandos in Prime 2, were not present in Prime 1), Teleportation (Regular troopers can teleport into battle in Prime 2, high-ranking Pirates can teleport into battle and teleport multiple times throughout a battlefield in Prime 3), Shields (Commandos have portable "energy" barrier shields on their left arms that can deflect projectiles but have a limited time of use, Shield Troopers in Prime 3 have shields attached to their arms, but can be ripped off by Samus' Grapple Lasso), Hyper mode (Strengthens defense and weapons, but take increased damage from Phazon attacks while in Hypermode), Includes multiple variants from Shield Troopers, Advanced Troopers, multiple types of Zebesian Pirates, Berserker Knights (Heavily mutated Pirates due to Phazon) and other creatures like Ki-Hunters and Korakk Beasts (Ridden and cared for by Pirate Hussars).

Intelligence: Very smart in terms of biotechnology, space traveling and weapons... but they are war mongers. As Dark Pirates and their corrupted version, this is made up by the fact that the Ing and Dark Samus have control over them making them far smarter.

Weaknesses: They only exist for war purposes, so they started mass producing and became careless about the quality of their weapons or their safety (In Metroid 1/Zero Mission they accidentally released the Metroids, in Metroid Prime by experimenting with 3 Parasites two were released and murdered every single Pirate in the ship, etc), Omega Pirate has "soft spots" that can be exposed through constant attacks on his arms and legs (This is what actually led to his downfall)

Key: Zebesians | During Prime | Dark Pirates and Commandos | Corruption | Omega Pirate


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