Soul Eater Front

Summary of the Verse

Soul Eater is a shonen manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Ookubo. Set at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (or DWMA), a school run by the Shinigami himself with the purpose of training young warriors called Technicians and their shapeshifting human weapons to hunt and kill corrupt humans and witches. Technicians can also upgrade their weapons by collecting and absorbing the souls of 99 corrupt humans and one witch, earning them the title of Death Scythes.

The story revolves around three students Maka Albarn, Black☆Star, Death the Kid and their weapons Soul Eater, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and Patti and Liz respectively, as they try to stop Asura an evil demon god (or Kishin) from spreading his insanity across the world.

There's also a side story called Soul Eater NOT! that focuses on other characters attending DWMA.

Powers of the Verse

Overall, they lack high destructive and durability feats and cap out at around Multi City Block level+ with Hypersonic+ speeds. Many of the characters have peak human to superhuman strength, and the characters are never higher than Hypersonic+, however the verse has a multitude of abilities like Blood Manipulation, Immortality, Regeneration, etc.

 Supporters and Opponents



Saikou the Lewd King






Character Profiles

DWMA students

  • Tsugumi Harudori
  • Meme Tatane
  • Anya Hepburn

DWMA Facility

  • Spirit Albern
  • Franken Stein
  • Marie Mjolnir
  • Sid Barrett

Great Old Ones

  • Lord Death
  • Excalibur
  • Eibon


Other Characters

  • Blair
  • Eruka Frog
  • Free
  • Mosquito
  • Giriko
  • Justin Law
  • Noah

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