General Staal
For the glory of Sontar! Sontar-Ha, Sontar-Ha, Sontar-Ha
~ Sontaran War Chant


The Sontarans were a race of aggressive and militaristic clones from the planet Sontar. Honourable in nature, Sontarans consider death in battle to be a glorious end in what ends up being a short life. Among the notable Sonotarans is Strax, a veteran Sontaran of 12 years who is currently living in Victorian London as a butler/footman to Madam Vastra.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-B | At least 5-B

Name: Sontaran

Origin: Doctor Who

Gender: Male

Age: Varies. While the natural lifespan of a Sontaran is unknown, Strax hinted that very few Sontarans live past ten years.

Classification: Clones, Warriors | Space Ship

Powers and Abilities: Teleportation, Time Travel, Hypnosis, Poison Manipulation, Technological Manipulation, Cloning

Attack Potency: Likely Wall level | At least Planet level

Speed: Human level | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Planet Class

Durability: Street level | At least Island level (All of Earth's nuclear arsenal could not scratch the ship’s defences.)

Stamina: Peak Human | Unknown

Range: Several dozen metres with guns | At least 5000 miles

Standard Equipment: Sontaran lasers rifles, rod weapons, translator device, Cordolaine field | Blaster Cannon, Sontaran Pods

Intelligence: Highly Intelligent. Great in military tactics as their whole race is dedicated to a life of warfare and war industry. Manipulated a Genius.

Weaknesses: Probic vent at the back can stun/knock out a Sontaran if it’s with a blunt object or kill with a sharp object.


  • Been engaged in warfare with the Rutan race for many millennia, considering Earth a strategic point in their war.
    • Earth 2008: The Sontaran General Staal manipulated genius Luke Rattigan into building the ATMOS system in 400 million cars to terraform Earth's atmosphere and convert the planet into a new clone world.
  • Successfully invaded Gallifrey, though their occupation lasted less than a day.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Hypnosis: The Sontarans had a form of hypnosis that allowed to control people.
  • Cloning: The Sontarans' primary technological advance is in the mass-production of clones and programmed with all the basic knowledge of warfare. They can also create a clone of a non-Sontaran, though they need to be kept the clone in a machine to keep it alive.
  • ATMOS: Atmospheric Emission System that reduces the C02 levels in a car to 0%. This was used as a way to convert Earth’s atmosphere in a breeding planet for the Sontarans. The gas became lethal to humans at 80% density. This also gave Sontarans complete control of the car.
  • Teleports: The Sontarans have teleport technology in form of cubes like stations that could be placed in key locations. They also could place devices onto objects to teleport them.
  • Deadlock Technology: The Sontarans were able to deadlock their teleports preventing the doctor from using them. The could also cars preventing anyone from getting in or out of them.
  • Cordolaine Field: A field around a Sontaran that caused metallic copper to expand; when the copper was in the jacket of a bullet, it became jammed in the gun's barrel, rendering it useless.

Key: Sontaran Warrior | Sontaran Flagship


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