Blind sollux

Halfdead sollux

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-C. Possibly 5-B

Name: Sollux Captor, the Mage of Doom, twinArmageddons (screen name), Mr. Appleberry Blast (to Terezi), OTHER GUY, Solluxander

Origin: Homestuck

Gender: Male

Age: 6 solar sweeps when first introduced (approximately 13 earth years), Currently 7.4 solar sweeps (approximately 16 earth years)

Classification: Troll, Psiionic, Sgrub player, Hacker

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Psychic Powers (Telekinesis, Sleep ManipulationEnergy Projection, Precognition and Levitation), Resistance to Mind Control (Vriska can only control it once in two)

Attack Potency: Moon level (Was capable of stopping the Reckoning's meteors and hurling them back at the Black King. Used his telekinesis to hurl a massive asteroid so far through the Furthest Ring that it traveled into another session. His powers were used by The Condesce to blow up Derse's moon). Possibly Planet level (The Reckoning has meteors large enough to destroy planets and pulverize Skaia in a short timeframe).

Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown, Class P with telekinesis

Speed: Unknown, at least Hypersonic+ reactions. Able to accelerate things with telekinesis up to Massively FTL+ speeds (Threw the troll's meteor to the Green Sun within a very short timeframe, and later, into the Furthest Ring at sufficient speed to reach another session within three years. Should be comparable or superior to his ancestor, the Psiionic, who was able to move The Condesce's flagship thousands of light years within a matter of hours.)

Durability: Building level normally. Up to Moon level or Planet level with psychic powers (Survived Eridan's strongest attack, though it left him blinded)

Stamina: Likely superhuman

Range: Low Multiversal with telekinesis (blew up the Courtyard Droll's station from across space and time)

Standard Equipment: Computer, Mind honey, Red and blue tinted glasses,  Headset, Feferi's goggles

Intelligence: Genius (Able to decode seemingly unhackable .ATH codes. Best hacker and programmer on all of Alternia)

Weaknesses: Sollux is bipolar, and his precognition has made him a massive pessimist.


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