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Sly Cooper is a stealthy platform game series created by Sucker Punch Studios and then purchased by Sanzaru. They currently have four games.

It's about Sly Cooper, a raccoon descendant of master thieves who learned how to become one with the family book known as Thievius Raccoonus. However, he was sent to an orphanage due to his father's death by the Fiendish Five who tore the pages of the book. In there, he teams up with a smart boxing turtle named Bently and a strong hippo named Murray to commit thievious schemes while running away from police officers like Carmelita Fox.

Power of the verse

Relatively low in power, with most characters being small building level and the strongest characters being building level. Many characters possess decent speed, with the likes of Sly and Carmelita being able to dodge bullets. The thieves of the series are extremely agile and stealthy, with many of them possessing notable hax such as Invisibility and Time Manipulation, and the technology of the verse is quite powerful for its time period, with massive death rays and time machines.





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