Thevious Racoonus
Ah, well, that's where you're wrong. The Thievius Raccoonus doesn't create great thieves, it takes great thieves to create the Thievius Raccoonus!
~ Sly Confronting Clockwerk

Band of Thieves
Crime? I haven't stolen anything...yet.
~ Sly caught by Carmelita

Honor Among Thieves
Doctor M, I'm glad you can see all this. I know you've been looking forward to it.
~ Sly before fighting Doctor M

Thieves in Time
So, before we finish this, let me get one thing straight: You came after the Coopers because of what happened to your father?
~ Sly confronting Le Paradox


Sly Cooper is a young male adult gentleman thief raccoon that is part of a long line of master thieves who specialize in robbing from legit criminals as opposed to innocent bystanders, thus making them vigilantes. Early in his life, he witnessed the savage murder of his father at the hands of a group known as the Fiendish Five, who then stole his family's Thievius Raccoonus, which holds many of the Cooper clan's major thief moves. He was forced into an orphanage, where he met his best friends, Bentley and Murray. Over his years in the orphanage, the three pull off multiple thieving tasks, and soon, Sly decides to carry on the Cooper legacy by making the modern day Cooper Clan. Sly is nimblest of the gang, so he is sent out the most on mission. He uses a hooked cane, a family heirloom, as a multi-purpose tool. Sly is cunning and extremely athletic, and can perform feats such as walking on wires, landing on small points, sliding on vines, and falling from great heights while sustaining less damage. He can also use disguises as an advantage to get across inaccessible areas.

Powers and stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Sly Cooper

Origin: Sly Cooper

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (Thievius Raccoonus), 20 (Band of Thieves), 21 (Honor Among Thieves), Unknown in Thieves in Time. Possibly between 22-23

Classification: Gentleman thief

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, He can sense thieving opportunities which manifest as a blue aura, Stealth Mastery, Very agile and skilled at thievery, Invisibility, Can perceive time at a reduced rate, Electricity Manipulation, Can create a blinding flash from his cane, Can glide in the air with the Paraglider, Master of the Cane, bow and arrow, and various gadgets, Time Manipulation (Via Slow, Fast, and the Thief Costume), Resistance to Fire Manipulation and the ability to reflect fireballs (With the Samurai Costume), Time Stop (Via Stun), He can make his opponents confused and attack other people (Via the Rage Bomb and Insanity Strike), Portal Creation and BFR (Via Silent Obliteration), Limited Gravity Manipulation (He can briefly defy gravity to avoid falling from great heights and can likely levitate like his ancestors before him), Sleep Inducement (Via the Music Box), He can use his hat as a bomb, He can throw out convincing cardboard cutouts of himself to distract his foes, Master of disguise, He can deploy smoke bombs that obscure his opponents vision, He can destroy ghosts by whacking them with his cane or trap them inside of his binocucom by taking pictures of them

Attack Potency: Small Building level (With his cane he can effortlessly smash apart large iron gears)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Can lift and toss large thugs over his head with techniques)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Speed: Subsonic (Able to dodge bullets and can almost outrun arrows)

Durability: Small Building level (Can survive gunshots, small explosions, and lightning bolts without much injury. Can trade blows with people just as strong as he is)

Stamina: Superhuman (Can go through long and straining running sequences without tiring)

Intelligence: Master Thief and an expert at using the environment to his advantage.

Standard Equipment: His family cane, hat mines, binocucom (to communicate and for reconnaissance purposes), life-sized decoys of himself, paraglider (automatically reloads), smoke bombs, music boxes.

Weaknesses: The Slow and Fast techniques affect him as well as his opponents, the Rage Bomb and Insanity Strike are only effective if he's fighting more than one person, his Stun technique only affects his opponents body (For example if his opponent shot a bullet and Sly used Stun, the opponent will be frozen in time but the bullet that was fired will be unaffected).

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spin Attack: Sly charges his cane with energy before spinning around rapidly
    • Level 1: The most basic form of the attack, not much stronger than his regular cane swings
    • Level 2: A more charged up version of the technique, the energy surrounding the cane has more range tham before and does more damage than normal
    • Level 3: The strongest version of the attack, doing even more damage than the level 2 charge
  • Jump Attack: Sly charges his cane with electrical energy and uppercuts the opponent
    • Level 1: The most basic form of the attack, Sly charges his cane with a little electrical energy and shocking his opponent
    • Level 2: A more charged up version of the technique, Sly charges his cane with electrical energy before striking the opponent, pumping them with so much electricity they start violently twitching in the air before they explode
    • Level 3: The strongest version of the attack, doing even more damage than the level 2 charge
  • Push Attack: Sly charges his cane with energy before thrusting his cane into the opponent
    • Level 1: The most basic form of the attack, Sly sends his opponent flying several meters with a quick and powerful thrust attack
    • Level 2: A more charged up version of the technique, doing more damage than the level 1 charge
    • Level 3: The strongest version of the attack, doing even more damage than the level 2 charge
  • Knockout Dive: Sly twirls his cane while diving towards his opponent, hitting them with so much force it briefly leaves them unconscious
  • Fast Attack Dive Move: Similar to the Knockout Dive but done in the air, Sly twirls his cane and dives straight downwards onto his opponent, leaving small shockwaves when he lands
  • Slow: A technique that allows Sly to slow down time
  • Fast: A technique that allows Sly to speed up time
  • Stun: Sly taps the ground with his cane, temporarily stopping time for his opponent
  • Fast Getaway Racoon Roll: Sly rolls around at speeds faster than he can run while surrounded by an electrical field
  • Shadow Power: A technique that Sly uses to become invisible
  • Explosive Hat Technique: Sly throws his hat and taps his cane to make the hat explode
  • Decoy: Sly tosses a realistic looking cardboard cutout of himself to trick his opponent
  • Feral Pounce: Sly launches himself forward at high speeds, allowing him to jump across gaps he normally can't get across
  • Stealth Slide: Sly slides across the ground at high speeds without making any noise
  • Combat Dodge: Sly quickly jumps sideways to avoid attacks and bullets
  • Insanity Strike: Sly strikes his opponent and makes them so confused they start attacking other people, including their own allies
  • Voltage Attack: Sly infuses his cane with electricity and shocks his opponent, killing most foes instantly
  • Lightning Spin: Sly performs the spin attack while his cane is infused with electricity
  • Samurai Costume: Sly dons samurai armour that makes him highly resistant to fire attacks, and he can use his shield to reflect fireballs
  • Jailbird Costume: Sly summons a massive ball and chain he can ride around on
  • Sabertooth Costume: Sly weats a sabertooth pelt which he can use to fool his opponents into thinking he's a dead animal, and he can leap massive distances
  • Archer Costume: Sly equips himself with a bow and gives him the ability to freely control his arrows movement in the air
  • Thief Costume: Slows down time much like the Slow technique, however the Thief Costume doesn't slow down Sly as well.
  • Ninja Spire Jump: This technique allows Sly to safely jump and stand on pointed objects such as swords and jagged rocks
  • Rail Walk and Rail Slide: This technique allows sly to run along thin objects such as ropes and vines without losing his balance, and if used on a slippery surface he instead slides along it instead of running
  • Defy Gravity: This technique allows sly to briefly ignore gravity to avoid falling down pits or cliffs
  • Water Safety: Prevents Sly from drowning by allowing him to jump back to land before he sinks
  • Silent Obliteration: Sly runs around his opponent creating a portal that drags them to an unknown location


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