Sledgehammer by wanizame-d5kjek3

Credit to wanizame


A sledgehammer is a construction tool used to break stuff like rocks, walls, ceilings and ground tiles.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C normally, 9-B at full potential

Name: Sledgehammer, mallet

Origin: Real Life

Age: Unknown (Based off war-hammers from hundreds of years ago)

Length: 50cm to 1 meter

Weight: 4.5-8kg

Classification: Hand tool

Prerequisites: Average human lifting strength, and a wide enough arm span

Wielders: Construction workers, criminals

Attack Potency: Street level normally, Wall level at full potential (An especially powerful strike can shatter a human skull to the point it has very few remains of it, as well as easily destroy cinder blocks)

Speed: Below Average Human (Taking its normal users in to consideration, it would require tremendous strength to swing it faster than 4m/s)

Durability: Street level (Normally unbreakable by human means)

Range: Extended melee range

Weaknesses: Extremely heavy which makes it difficult to use by non trained humans.

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