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Ant-Man (Marvel) can change his size with gadgets.


The power to manipulate over the size of oneself and others, from tiny to absolutely gigantic while retaining their physical proportions, some may be able to alter their density. Usually strength and durability is proportional to the size assumed, but users may actually gain increased abilities when growing or keep their normal ones when shrinking.


  • Size Enhancement - The user can increase the size of themselves or others to be a hulking giant, when the user grows their physical capabilities are also enhanced, allowing them to draw upon vast amounts of strength to superhuman levels.
  • Size Reduction - The user possesses the power to reduce themselves or others down to the size and dimensions of an ant, cell or even smaller. Some users may retain or have boosted strength, weight, mass while they are at reduced size. Some users can shrink their body parts and objects as well.


  • May be limited to changing only their own or others' size.
  • May be limited to only growing, or only shrinking.
  • May be limited to how large one can grow, or how small one can shrink.
  • May have mental/emotional effects.
  • Clothing and other equipment may not change size with the user.
  • One has to be careful when becoming larger while in confined places, to avoid getting stuck/trapped inside of a building or damaging surroundings/themselves.
  • In a larger size, one becomes an easier target due to their size hindering their ability to evade attacks.
  • Grown/shrunken size causes problems with environment.


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