Last Order in the Front, together with other Sisters

Misaka can be automatically produced at the press of a button as long as the proper machinery and chemicals are prepared, explains Misaka. Misaka has an artificially made body and a borrowed mind. Her value is 180,000 yen and there are 9968 more in reserve, so stopping the experiment just for her is…
~ Misaka 10032 to Kamijou Touma


Sisters (妹達 (シスターズ) Imōto-tachi (Shisutāzu), lit. "Little Sisters") is the collective term used to refer to all the clones of Misaka Mikoto that were produced from the Radio Noise Project. There were 20000, or slightly more, clones at one point in time, but after Accelerator killed most of them in an experiment to make him reach Level 6 only 9969 sisters of the main series remain.

Last Order (打ち止め (ラストオーダー) Uchidome (Rasuto Ōdā), lit. "The End") is the 20001th Sister. She functions as a command center for the Sisters and the Misaka Network. According to Yoshikawa Kikyou, Last Order was created as a fail-safe mechanism in case the clones go out of control; by sending a set amount of brainwave signals to her, the researchers can control the Misaka Network from the outside. She was kept into the form of a child and not like her sister so that she could be easily controlled. Her name, Last Order, was derived from the scenario of Last Order commanding the clones to shutdown.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A physically, 9-C with Toy Soldier, at least 9-A with Metal Eater MX; at least 9-B, possibly 8-C with esper power | At least 9-B, possibly 8-C

Name: Sisters (collectively); individually referred to by Misaka and a number, like for example "Misaka 10032", exception to that is Misaka 20001 who is called "Last Order", due to being the last clone created.

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: A few years at most, physically and mentally 14

Classification: Humans, Clones, Espers

Powers and Abilities: Manipulation of electro magnetism, knowledge of several types of weaponry, telepathy (between each other) | Manipulation of electro magnetism, Hacking simple devices (such as electronic locks), telepathy (with the other sisters), capable of perceiving electromagnetic waves

Attack Potency: Athlete level physically, Street level with Toy Soldier, at least Small Building level with Metal Eater MX; at least Wall level, possibly Building level with esper power (Stated to have 1/20000th of Misaka Mikoto's power and a max output of 50,000 volt) | At least Wall level, possibly Building level, should be stronger than normal Sisters (Normal Sisters are Level 2, Last Order is Level 3)

Speed: Athletic Human, Massively Hypersonic+ attack speed with lightning| Normal Human

Lifting Strength: Above average human | Regular Human

Striking Strength: Athlete Class

Durability: Athlete level | Human level

Stamina: Above average (Trained to fight against Accelerator) | Low (child like)

Range: Several meters with electromagnetism, several hundred meters with Toy Soldier, 2 kilometers with Metal Eater | Several meters

Standard Equipment: Normally Sisters carry either a Metal Eater MX or a Toy Soldier and Electron (NV) Goggles, but occasionally they'll use other weapons like handguns or landmines | None notable

Intelligence: Presumably high knowledge, given that all information necessary for combat was installed in their brain using a Testament machine, trained in the use of military standard weapons, huge amount of intel through the Network and through that also great expertise in practical fights to the death

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, the Sisters' Misaka Network is vulnerable to jamming from espers with a large output and the same power, like the original Misaka Mikoto

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Radio Noise: The Sisters' ability is known as Radio Noise (Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu), lit. "Flawed Electricity"), a derivative or type of the Electromaster ability unique to the Sisters, ranging from Level 2-3. As they are Electromasters, they can generate at least 50,000 volts of electricity, though they are unable to track electrons with the naked eye like Mikoto can, and require goggles in order see them.

    • Misaka Network: Unique to the clones with their Radio Noise ability is the faculty to connect to the Misaka Network, a brainwave network formed out of their similar brainwave frequency patterns. With the Misaka Network, the clones can, talk in a quasi-telepathic manner, experience and share the same memories of all the other clones. This shared experiences, as well having the same powers, allows them to boost their abilities and have their faculties used more efficiently. Each clone can willingly withhold information from being passed into the network, though this is seen only after the end of the experiments, when they have already established a sort of self-identity that is separate from each other.

    • Ozone Creation: The Sisters have the ability to use their electricity to create ozone to attempt to suffocate the enemy.
  • Electron (NV) Goggles: As the name suggest, they are a type of special night vision goggles that allow the user to see in the dark. Moreover, it allows the user to visualize different electric or magnetic fluxes, thus compensating for the Sister's inability to see them with their naked eye like the original Misaka Mikoto does. The goggles can be connected to the Toy Soldier to improve its performance.
  • Toy Soldier: Toy Soldier is the name given to the modified F2000 bullpup assault rifle, referred to as the F2000R, used by the Sisters. Despite its bulky look, the rifle is portable, allowing for the wielder to quickly disassemble it and carry it in a suitcase when transporting it. The rifle can detect a target with infrared rays and it uses electronic control to adjust the trajectory in real time to give the bullet the best odds of hitting. The shooter does not have to think about the wind direction or the expected evasion patterns of the target, as the F2000R can adjust it for them, and the wielder's only required course of action is to follow the machine's directions. Moreover, it has special rubber wrapped around it to absorb shock and used carbon dioxide to reduce the recoil from firing as much as possible. In addition, when used in conjuction with the Electron (NV) Goggles the Sisters carry, it allows for even greater accuracy. The rifle fires 5.56x45 mm bullets, and since it absorbs both the shock and the sound of the gunshot, only the tiniest of an explosive noise from the barrel is left, akin to a cheap firecracker.

Key: Main series (individual clone) | Last Order



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