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Sir Daniel Fortesque is the main protagonist of MediEvil and it's sequel, MediEvil 2. He was supposedly the Hero of Gallowmere, and the one to defeat Zarok, but in reality the true tale is a bit more sad.

For Years, Dan regaled the nobles of Gallowmere with tales of slain dragons and vanquished legions. The king was so impressed with these tales that he knighted Dan and appointed him as the head of the Royal Battalion. Of course, Gallowmere hadn't seen war for a century, but the King liked Dan's tales, and Dan was an excellent storyteller.

However, an evil Sorcerer by the name of Zarok came to Gallowmere with an army of the undead, ready to wreak havoc on the land. The King needed a Hero, someone to lead his army, and he knew just the person for the job.

After getting dragged out of his bed, Dan is placed at the front of the King's army and lead them to victory... Until he got shot in the eye by the first stray arrow in the battle and died immediately Before the battle even got started. Fortunately, the King's army defeats Zarok's forces and saved all of Gallowmere.

But after hearing Dan's embarrassing death, the king realized that the people need to feel safe, so he lied to the townsfolk and said Dan died after slaying the wizard. The people were fooled and a hero's tomb was erected for Dan to sleep in peace...

However, a hundred years later Zarok has returned and once again raises an undead army, seizing the Kingdom of Gallowmere and turning it into a Necropolis. It seemed like all hope was lost until Dan suddenly came back to life thanks to the Spell Zarok casted. Once awakened, Dan embarks on a quest to live up to the false legend, and defeat Zarok for real this time.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Sir Daniel Fortesque

Origin: MediEvil

Gender: Male

Age: 136, 636 in MediEvil 2

Classification: Hero of Gallowmere,Captain of the Militia, Minister of Defense, Undead Skeleton

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Cold Weapon Mastery (Uses various types of weaponry), Regeneration (High-Low; can remove his head and left arm), Electricity Manipulation (can fire lightning from his hand), Necromancy (can raise an undead army with the chalices or Anubis Stone), Summoning (can summon Kul Katura the Serpent Lord), Healing (can use Good Lightning to heal allies in battle), Fire Manipulation (with Dragon Potion and flaming arrows with Magic Longbow), Size Manipulation (with Shrink Potion, can temporarily shrink enemies around him), Forcefield Creation (with Power-up and Shrink Potion), Light Manipulation (with Firefiles, can see in the dark), Resistance to Fire Manipulation (with Dragon Armor, can walk on lava), Soul Manipulation (with the Chalice of Souls), Transmutation (can turn enemies into a plate of roast chickens with Chicken Drumstick), Transformation (can turn into Dankenstein in MediEvil 2), Explosion Manipulation (with Bombs)

Attack Potency: Building level (Defeated Zarok who turned into a giant monster. He also defeated a dragon and a reanimated Triceratops fossil in the second game.)

Speed: Subsonic (Can leave behind a blur with the Daring Dash)

Lifting Strength: Possibly Superhuman (Can lift a giant hammer that's almost as big as himself and can cause shockwaves just by hitting the ground)

Striking Strength: Building Class

Durability: Building level

Stamina: High

Range: Extended melee range with weapons, longer when using bow, daggers, crossbow, pistol, or lightning

Standard Equipment: Hero Sword, Magic Shield, Hammer, Throwing Daggers, Crossbow, Magic Longbow, Chicken Drumstick, Dragon Potion, Throwing Spear, and Throwing Axe (Pistol and green hands in the second game), can temporarily gain dragon powers with the dragon potion

Intelligence: Above Average. Skilled warrior and puzzle solver.

Weaknesses: A bit of a coward, but he's still brave enough to fight, Shield has limited Durability. He has difficulty talking since he has no jaw. His long range gear has limited ammo.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Sword Spin: Dan charges up and spins his upper body in a circle while swinging his sword.
  • Daring Dash: Dan holds up his shield and charges at the enemy.
  • Hammer Smash: Dan holds up his Hammer and slams it on the ground, causing a shockwave.
  • Magic Longbow: Dan can fire a flaming arrow from the bow if he wants. He can also fire a magic arrow which explodes upon impact.
  • Battle Axe-a-rang: Dan throws his axe and it comes back to him like a boomerang.
  • Chicken Drumstick: Dan lobs a giant Chicken leg at his opponent and anyone who gets hit by it will turn into a plate of roasted chicken (This doesn't usually work on strong enemies) (though in Playstation All-Stars, they don't turn into chicken).
  • Dragon Potion: After defeating a dragon, the dragon gave him a potion that grants him some of the dragon's power temporarily. Once Dan drinks the potion, his armor becomes a dragon costume and Dan's power not only increases but he can breath fire.
  • Removable Arm and Head: Dan can remove his left arm and use It like a boomerang or a makeshift Melee weapon. He can also remove his head and place it on some weird green hands to move to areas his body wouldn't normally fit. (Apparently Dan can use this as a suicide bomb in Playstation All-Stars).
  • Lightning Blast: Dan fires a bolt of Energy that electrocutes his enemies. The electricity can pass through several foes at once.
  • Anubis Stone: By putting the four pieces of the Anubis stone together, Dan can summon an undead army to fight by his side (he can also do this with the Chalice of Souls).


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