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Shinichi is the protagonist of both the manga and anime series Parasyte. His right hand becomes infected with an alien parasite named Migi. Although Migi had originally intended to control Shinichi's mind the two learn they must cooperate in order to survive the threat of other parasites. Migi can manipulate Shinichi's body to create all manner of appendages, claws and other body parts. He has also augmented Shinichi's physical abilities by distributing his cells throughout Shinichi's body.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C | At least 9-B, possibly higher 

Name: Shinichi Izumi

Origin: Parasyte

Age: 16 (early), 17 (in the middle), 18 (at the end)

Classification: Human, Parasite

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, agility and speed, can transform his hand into clawed weapons, able to sense others from a distance.

Attack Potency: Street level (Can easily overpower large groups of people without Migi. Can physically tear people apart with Migi's powers, fractured a metal desk leg) pre fusion. | At least Wall level (After partially fusing with Migi threw a rock from 300 meters with enough force to puncture a hole through Mimeo who survived being shot multiple times with bullets, destroyed 6 meters of concrete while punching a Parasite through it after Kanna's death), possibly higher

Speed: Superhuman movement (Outran a car on foot), Subsonic, possibly Supersonic combat speed (Migi's movements can't be seen by normal humans) and Reactions/Reflexes (After partially fusing with Migi Shinichi can dodge attacks from parasites on Mr. A's level, can hold his own against Gotou who dodged Handgun fire)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Lifted a large jock over his head from his foot with one hand and threw him several meters, can perform a 10 foot standing high jump)

Striking Strength: Wall Class with Migi

Durability: Street level (Has some resistance to attacks that would critically injure or kill human but will still die from extensive damage), likely Wall level (Parried attacks from Mr. A who can crack walls, blocked and damaged a speeding car with his right hand in the anime)

Stamina: Athletic Human

Range: Several meters with extended limbs, 300 meter sensing range for other parasites

Standard Equipment: Knife. A gun if he can get his hands on one.

Intelligence: Average on his own but Migi is very rational and tactically minded. Can keep a level head in a fight.

Weaknesses: Migi falls dormant periodically and will not wake for at least four hours, during this time he cannot sense other parasites either


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