Shin (Hokuto Musou)
A wonderful age is upon us. The strong can take what they want without restraint!
~ Shin


Shin is one of the Nanto Rokusei Ken, and the successor of Nanto Koshū Ken. He was born under the Star of Martyrdom, marking him as someone who will live and die for his love. In his childhood, Shin was a close friend of Kenshiro, though he always desired his fiancée, Yuria, for himself. Eventually, following the nuclear war, Jagi convinced Shin that the gentle, passive Kenshiro would not be able to protect Yuria, so Shin attacked him and stabbed the seven stars of the Big Dipper into his chest, before leaving him for dead and taking Yuria with him. He assumed the title of KING for himself and his organization, and began conquering the surrounding regions in an attempt to gain Yuria's love.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-C

Name: Shin

Origin: Fist of The North Star (Hokuto no Ken)

Age: Likely in his 20's

Gender: Male

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master of Nanto Seiken, which allows him to slash and stab at his opponents, slicing them apart with air pressure, Chi Manipulation, Regeneration Negation via Nanto Seiken (Up to Low-Mid)

Attack Potency: Large Island level+ (Oneshotted Base Kenshiro in their first fight and did farily well agasint him in their second encounter, though was defeated fairly easily when he went 100% Mode)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (Was able to somewhat keep up with Base Kenshiro)  

Lifting Strength: At least Class 100+

Striking Strength: Large Island Class+

Durability: Large Island level+ (Took many hits from a bloodlusted Kenshiro)

Stamina: High

Range: Extended melee range. Tens of meters with certain ranged ki techniques.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Nanto Seiken: The opposite martial art to Hokuto Shinken. While Hokuto Shinken revolves around destroying an opponent from the inside, Nanto Seiken revolves around destroying them from the outside, slashing and stabbing to create waves of air pressure that slice opponents apart. Shin practices Nanto Koshū Ken, which focuses on rapid hand strikes that stab enemies to death, as well as flying kick techniques.

  • Nanto Gokuto Ken: A flying kick technique that slashes the tendons in the opponent's legs, disabling them.
  • Nanto Gyakushi Sō: Shin simply stabs straight through his opponent's chest.
  • Nanto Hiryū Ken: A series of rapid punches that causes the opponent's body to crack apart like stone.
  • Nanto Senshuryū Geki: Shin performs a rapid stabbing attack with his hands.
  • Raishin Shō: Shin charges his hand with ki, then slashes it towards the ground, causing a wave of energy to burst from the earth.
  • Shōshū Tokyaku: After disabling his opponent with Nanto Gokuto Ken, Shin stabs them seven times in the chest with his finger, causing them to bleed out shortly afterwards.


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