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Shiigan (シーガン) is a plankton kaiju created by Toho that appeared in the 1998 video game, Godzilla: Trading Battle.Once ancient zooplankton living in the ocean, Shiigan mutated abnormally after being struck by special cosmic rays that poured down from outer space. Using its newfound abilities, Shiigan acts as something of a protector of the ocean, as it greatly detests the waters being contaminated. Shiigan shares a fierce rivalry with the smog monster, Hedorah.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-B

Name: Shiigan

Origin: Godzilla (Universe)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Classification: Sea Protector Kaiju

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman size, Enhanced Senses, Energy Manipulation, Barrier Creation, Flight, Energy Projection, Absorption, Time Travel

Attack Potency: At least Country level (Stated Equal strong to Balkzardan)

Speed: Supersonic+ reactions (By vibrating his/her wings at a high velocity)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ (Weighs 55,000 tons metric tons)

Durability: At least Country level, higher with Forcefield (Can wisthand Godzilla Heisei Atomic Breath and Heodrah Lasers)

Stamina: High

Range: Hundreds of meters with Energy Attacks.

Intelligence: Average (Hates Hedorah and pollution)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:







  • Fin Wing: An attack formed from Shiigan's wing-like fins. Shiigan's body flashes briefly before lifting its back fins, vibrating them rapidly, and unleashing a multitude of laser beams from the yellow fin membrane. Sparks fly and an explosion shortly follows as the lasers hit their target. Shiigan can fire up to twelve beams from each fin.
  • Sepia Smoke: A wide-covering projectile attack. Shiigan emits purple ink from its maw, which smothers the opponent in a toxic fog. The ink deals poison damage, with the added effect of cutting the attack power of the foe in half.
  • Mirage Veil: A special defensive technique. When in a pinch, Shiigan shrouds itself in a red aura and disappears, becoming completely invisible to the naked eye. This technique is used to help Shiigan avoid combat, as the veil breaks when Shiigan goes back on the offensive.
  • Sharp Claws: Shiigan has sharp sickle-like claws as its hands and feet. It uses both in close-quarters combat, swiping with formidable ferocity.
  • Stinger: At the end of Shiigan's tail is a lengthy yellow stinger, which it uses in melee combat. The stinger lacks any harmful elements like venom, but it can still be used to pierce or slash enemies similarly to a spear..
  • Swimmer: Being an organism from the sea, Shiigan excels at swimming. In the middle of the ocean, it is granted high-speed movement, being faster underwater than on land.
  • Flight: It can also sustain short periods of flight, and it can shoot a barrage of beams from its fins by vibrating them at a high velocity.


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