Countless people fought and lived before our time. The twisted parts aside, I feel blessed to be able to experience human history directly.
~ Shielder


Shielder is a Demi-Servant working with Chaldea during the events of the Grand Orders. Her true name is Mash Kyrielight, a genetically engineered magus secretly created by Chaldea as a prime vessel for the soul of a Heroic Spirit. She is fused with the Servant Galahad, one of the Knights of the Round Table and the son of Lancelot. He was the only Knight of the Round Table to reach the Holy Grail.

After the experiment to summon a Heroic Spirit into Mash's body was declared a failure, she was left in the care of Chaldea, with Galahad remaining dormant inside her as to avoid causing her any harm. However, due to the unnatural circumstances of her creation, she has an incredibly short lifespan that tops out at eighteen years. Galahad awakens inside her and she becomes a complete Demi-Servant with the beginning of the Grand Orders, awakening with her powers in the ruins of Fuyuki City.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, possibly higher

Name: Mash / Mashu / Matthew Kyrielight / Kyrlielite, Shielder

Origin: Fate/Grand Order

Age: 16-18 years old

Gender: Female

Classification: Designer Baby, Shielder-class Demi-Servant

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Forcefield Creation, Statistics Amplification (Can raise her own defensive power and that of her allies, as well as her own strength via Bunker Bolt), Time Manipulation (Can temporarily displace herself or an ally out of the time axis to avoid attacks), Attack Reflection with Lord Chaldeas and Lord Camelot, Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their magical energy), Immunity to Modern Weapons (Servants are Divine Mysteries that cannot be harmed by modern weapons such as guns, knives, or bombs unless they are infused with a supernatural aspect such as magical energy or possess a certain amount of age or mystery behind their creation), Resistance to Magic (Including magical effects such as Petrification, Spatial Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants possess regenerative capabilities), Can attack and kill spiritual beings like ghosts and Servants, Can continue to fight even with mortal injuries

Attack Potency: At least City level+ (While she is more focused on defense, she should be somewhat comparable to Archer, and she fought against Li Shuwen, Medusa, Alter, and Cú Chulainn Alter on separate occasions), possibly higher (Defeated both the Berserker and Saber versions of Lancelot on separate occasions and took on the latter single-handedly. Defeated a weakened Demon God in single combat).

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Comparable to other Servants, such as Saber, kept up with Lancelot).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least City Class+, possibly higher

Durability: Mountain level (Fought against and presumably traded blows with Lancelot and a weakened Demon God), higher with Mana Defense (With enough mana, she would supposedly be able to defend an entire country from attack). Island level with Lord Chaldeas (Tanked Cú Chulainn's Wicker Man without a scratch and blocked a direct Excalibur Morgan blast). At least Multi-Continent level, possibly higher with Lord Camelot (Completely nullified Ars Almadel Salomonis, which was described as being able to easily penetrate through a planet when focused into a single attack, and while Mash died due to the sheer heat of the attack, her shield remained unscathed).

Stamina: Very high. Other Servants can fight for nearly an entire day without stopping, and Mash can fight on even with grievous injuries. Even as her body was failing, she was able to utilize Lord Camelot to nullify Ars Almadel Salomonis.

Range: Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: Her shield, Lord Camelot.

Intelligence: Mash was kept sheltered and indoors at all times, causing her to marvel at the outside world. Despite this, she is knowledgeable of magecraft and the Grand Order system. As Shielder she gains Galahad's close combat expertise and shield-wielding expertise and slowly gains access to Galahad's Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms as well. However, she doesn't always think things through, as she tried to speak to the French soldiers in English during the Hundred Years War Singularity, causing the French soldiers to instantly assume her to be an enemy and attack.

Weaknesses: Mash is inexperienced and initially does not know how to use her true Noble Phantasm until the Camelot singularity. At first, she only has a maximum lifespan of 18 years and use of her Servant abilities brings her expiration date closer, but she gains a human lifespan after she is resurrected by Cath Palug. Her shield and Lord Camelot do not provide Mash herself with complete protection against residual effects like heat, rendering her vulnerable to them even if she nullifies the rest of the attack.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

  • Lord Chaldeas blocking Excalibur Morgan
  • Lord Chaldeas reflecting Excalibur Morgan in First Order
  • Lord Camelot: Fortress of the Distant Utopia

True Name, release!
I shall stand upon the place of calamity.
The place that cures all wounds and dissolves all hatred, our home, sits here!
Manifest, Lord Camelot!

~ Mashu using her true Noble Phantasm

Lord Chaldeas: Virtual Noble Phantasm Pseudo-Deployment/Foundation of Anthropic Principle: A weaker variation of Mash's true Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot, instinctively used by her without an understanding of the Heroic Spirit she's been fused with, Galahad. When used, it expands forwards as a protective barrier, capable of fully blocking a direct attack from Excalibur Morgan despite its degradation, and even reflecting it back at Saber Alter in First Order.

Lord Camelot: Fortress of the Distant Utopia: Mash's true Noble Phantasm, the shield of Galahad. It is the embodiment of the Knights of the Round Table sitting within the white walls of Camelot, employing them as an incredibly durable conceptual shield. Its strength is proportionate to Mash's willpower, allowing her to completely nullify Ars Almadel Salomonis without her shield being damaged in the slightest, though the heat of the attack vaporized her.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: An innate ability that grants protection against magical effects. Unlike the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Mash's A-rank Magic Resistance, only allowing the most powerful and oldest spells from the Age of Gods to affect her. She can also shrug off magical effects such as Mind Manipulation, Petrification, and Spatial Manipulation with ease.

Possession Inheritance: A unique skill Mash possesses due to her status as a Demi-Servant, having inherited it from Galahad. In Mash's case, this takes the form of "Mana Defense", allowing her to convert her magical power into defensive power. With enough magical energy, she would be able to defend an entire country from attack with this skill.

Riding: The ability to ride mounts. Due to being fused with Galahad, a Knight of the Round Table, Mash can flawlessly ride animals and drive vehicles that have been properly trained or adjusted.

Self-Field Defense: A skill inherent to the Shielder-class, it allows Mash to raise her defense proportional to the number of allies she's defending. However, she herself is not included, and her field of influence is centered on her.

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation: A skill that reflects one's exceptional vitality and endurance, allowing the user to fight on despite grievous wounds and escape safely even when defeated.

Obscurant Wall of Chalk: A skill that temporarily displaces the user or the target outside of the time axis for an instant to completely dodge enemy attacks upon activation. Working similarly to Avalon, it would also have been able to dodge higher-dimensional attacks if it were higher ranked.

Shield of Rousing Revolution: A skill formed from Mash's stern resolve to protect her comrades, which allows her to draw enemy attacks in towards her shield, on top of raising her defensive power.

Transient Wall of Snowflakes: A skill that allows Mash to convert her mental strength and willpower into physical defense, applying a defensive enchantment to her and her allies.



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