Shadow men
Korrok enjoys bitter food, and he has decided to let you rest on his tongue. Then, he will swallow.
~ A Shadow Man


The Shadow Men are major antagonists in John Dies at the End, appearing throughout both novels, mostly in the form of possessed humans. They are Korrok's main and most dangerous followers, and it's implied that they are the spirits of humans who died in suffering from countless alternate universes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: Shadow Men, Shadow People

Origin: John Dies at the End

Classification: Ghosts

Powers and Abilities: Time Manipulation, Stop, and Travel, Reality Warping, Telepathy, Illusion Creation, Flight, Possession, Intangibility, Non-Corporeal, Invisibility, Precognition (presumably due to time travel), Existence Erasure, Immortality (Types 1, 6 and 7)

Attack Potency: Unknown (An exchange in the first book implies that they may be higher-dimensional, or at least comparatively incomprehensible to humans). Their abilities ignore conventional durability.

Speed: Unknown, likely Infinite (Shadow Men exist outside of time and are capable of travelling through it with ease. During the events of the second book, they were able to act normally while time was stopped).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown. Their intangibility and the nature of their existence makes them hard to kill.

Stamina: Likely limitless.

Range: Extended melee range; in addition, their touch erases whatever they touch from existence through all of space and time.

Intelligence: Likely varies, though all Shadow Men so far are clever, cunning, and generally quite intelligent due to the knowledge they have amassed across their time travel.

Weaknesses: Music and holy items.

Notable Attacks:

- Existence Erasure: A Shadow Person's touch erases the target - whether a person or an object - from existence retroactively, making their influence on the past, present, and future nonexistent, so that the timeline progresses as if they simply never existed. Often, those who are affected by this have faint memories of the original timeline, but, if anything, they pass it off as nothing more than dreams.

- Reality Warping: A Shadow Person in the first book somehow summoned enough cockroaches to fill a parking lot with them, and manipulated their shape into a human guise to possess. Later, the same Shadow Person warped various mutated, hostile animals, giving them superhuman capabilities and the power to breathe fire. In addition, a Shadow Person's reality warping should be far superior to that of some random demon.

- Time Manipulation: Shadow Men can manipulate, stop, and travel through time. They use their time travel capabilities constantly, moving through time to set events in Korrok's favor, and are said to exist outside of conventional time. One Shadow Man stopped time during the events of the first book to have a instantaneous telepathic conversation with Dave, and in the second one, an army of Shadow Men are completely unaffected when John stops time with Soy Sauce.